Meghan Gazarek


My name is Meghan Gazarek and I am a Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant serving the Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan area. My nursing career began in the emergency room. After my first son was born, my desire to learn more about breastfeeding began. After shifting my nursing career to working on a labor & delivery and postpartum unit, I was able to really focus on that passion. While working in the hospital setting, I realized the importance of continued breastfeeding support in the prenatal as well as postpartum period and beyond. I am excited to be able to provide families in my community with the support they deserve at the start of pregnancy through weaning. Each breastfeeding journey is unique, and I hope to be the resource women can rely on to reach their goals. In my spare time, you can find me hustling with my husband and four boys. We like to be outside as much as we can, usually playing baseball, going to the park, walking our dogs, and taking care of our garden so I can cook and bake with some of our homegrown treats. I’m a mother who has been there, or is there, and I’m happy to join you in your journey right where you are.

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