Breastfeeding Saves Money

Breastfeeding saves $3,000 in baby's first year! Taking a breastfeeding class is the #1 way to be successful breastfeeding.

Online Breastfeeding Classes

Our breast-feeding courses are available anytime through our on-demand videos.

breastfeeding basics 101

Breastfeeding Moms get more sleep!

I'm not kidding! Research shows that breastfeeding Moms get more sleep because their infants fall asleep faster.

“Even though I’ve worked as a Maternity and Infant Nurse, none of my previous training was as valuable as taking the Lactation Link video classes.”

– Jamie



Breastfeeding saves hours per week.

How? Shopping for formula, disposing of the cans, mixing the formula, gathering all the "equipment" in your diaper bag, etc.

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