Dr. Sonali Shenoy Santhanam


I’m Sonali Santhanam, Physical Therapist with an interest in Women’s Pelvic Health, am an Evidence Based Birth® Child Birth Educator, and a Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher (200-RYT, 85 RPYT). I use Yoga as a Therapeutic Modality in treating Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy and Post Partum and also address lactation specific needs. I certified as an IBCLC in 2019 and have been supporting families through the entire spectrum of Pregnancy, Birth and Post Partum since 2010. As a Lactation Consultant and a Physical Therapist I am passionate about ensuring couples are informed about their choices in ChildBirth and transition effortlessly to Parenthood. My own early transition through motherhood was challenging as I hit every roadblock through my breastfeeding journey. Unfortunately there was not enough support and guidance back in 2010 in India where I practice. This motivated me to go ‘back to school’ and get certified as an LC so I can give new moms the confidence and evidence-based support I did not have. I am thrilled to be here on Lactation Link and Creating Confident Moms!

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