Testimonial Tuesday – Why you need a Lactation Consultant

By March 8, 2016 November 1st, 2021 Breastfeeding, Classes
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This last week, I read one of the most impactful testimonials I’ve received to date.  I wanted to share it with you because I think it illustrates my vision for Lactation Link and our classes.  I want to be able to empower women to reach their own goals!  Each breastfeeding class and consultation, I ask the Moms what their goals are.  I don’t want to make those choices for you, I want to support and empower you so you have options!  Being educated and supported is a great way to tap into your maternal instinct.

“Lindsey, this is Kassy. I was a client of yours about a year ago. It’s come time that our little boy is no longer nursing.  As I was putting away nursing tops, nursing bras, and everything else associated with it, I couldn’t help but get emotional. It’s been an amazing experience 100% breast feeding my son and when I mean 100% I’m not exaggerating.  I wanted it to work with my second as it wasn’t as smooth with our first and it made me feel like the biggest failure.  It bothered me to the point I questioned having more children, very silly, I know! I don’t know if you understand the part you played in that. You were a major part in me being able to nurse him and for that I will be eternally thankful!! I just couldn’t end this journey without thanking you for the major role you played in our happiness as a family and mine as a mother. You were a true blessing in our lives!”

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