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Probiotic for your vaginal health

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Today we’re getting into some real talk about Vaginal Health.  It’s something I’ve gotten quite a few questions about and it’s time to break the silence and dispel the common myths around vaginal health.  I was so excited to learn about a probiotic designed specifically for feminine balance.  I’ve been able to partner with AZO Complete Feminine Balance® to bring you this informative post (All opinions are my own). Be sure to consult your health care provider when starting any new supplement or medications.

Keep reading to play one of our favorite games around here, #FactorFictionwithLL and also to get an exclusive discount on AZO Complete Feminine Balance® probiotic.


Ready for some vaginal health fact or fiction?  Don’t be scared, mamas! Let’s get past the “TMI” and nervous laughter and get serious about owning our days and staying balanced for optimal wellness.  Today, let’s recognize we all have bodies and it’s best if we’re comfortable with how they work.

#1 FACT OR FICTION, “It’s normal to have different types of vaginal excretions throughout your cycle.”

Fact! There are different types of vaginal secretions, or discharge, that are normal and can help identify whether you are menstruating, about to ovulate, or have recently ovulated. You may have been told that any discharge is abnormal, but it’s actually VERY normal and healthy to see some.

While breastfeeding, if you haven’t had your period return, you may still notice these changes. Discharge that indicates there may be a problem (and signs that you should talk to your healthcare provider) includes if it has a foul odor, is a different color than you’re used to seeing (like green), is a texture you’ve never seen before or seems strange (for example, looking like cottage cheese), or is accompanied by other symptoms like vaginal pain or itching.


#2 FACT OR FICTION, “You should use a special soap regularly to ensure that your vagina is clean and healthy.”

Fiction! Your vagina is a living thing, just like the rest of you. While you use your hands to touch things at lots of places all day long so it’s good to use soap and really scrub them down sometimes to get rid of excess or harmful germs, the same is not true for your vagina!

In general, vaginas are pretty good at keeping themselves clean (that normal discharge? It can also help get rid of dead skin cells in there too!) and you don’t need to use a douche internally or even soap on the external folds of skin around your vagina (called labia).

In fact, using a lot of soap or douching can wash away GOOD bacteria that help keep things like yeast under control. The best thing for cleaning down there? Plain water!

#3 FACT OR FICTION, “Things may be different down there (your vagina) after you have a baby.”

Fact! This one you may know or have experienced.  Having a baby, even if you have a c-section, can really change up things in your nether region, right? Well, it’s more than just the appearance or how things feel.

In fact, your normal discharge may change, your periods may be different, and sex may feel different. Keep note of these changes and if you’re ever worried, definitely talk to your care provider. But hormonal changes, as well as bacterial changes (especially if you ate a different diet due to pregnancy sickness, were in the hospital a long time or after labor), can give you a new normal.

#4 FACT OR FICTION, “I take a probiotic for gut health and it should cover my feminine balance too”

Fiction! Probiotics are something that maintain and restore good bacteria.*  Usually, we think of bacteria as “germs” but many of them are considered “good bacteria” and keep us healthy.

Probiotics that are designed for gut health are good at stimulating good “flora” or bacteria that are most likely to call the gut “home”.  It won’t cover your vaginal health, though, because the vagina has different strains or types of good bacteria that flourish there.  So even if you’re already taking a probiotic for gut health, AZO Complete Feminine Balance® could be a great option for you to discuss with your HCP.

Thanks for stopping by and playing along today!  I’ve got a special promo for you today to give AZO Complete Feminine Balance® a try – remember it has been shown to work in as little as 7 days§ .  You can save $5 when you use this link (no code needed)!

xo, Lindsey

AZO Complete Feminine Balance® and Intelliflora™ are trademarks of DSM.

§ Results demonstrated in clinical studies.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


A community of women and wellness – Brick Canvas

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It can be hard to find a spot in the community that feels like home! A place we can go to be women, to be individuals, and to replenish and regenerate all that we give day-in and day-out as mothers. Somewhere we can meet other women who are in the same stage of life and are also striving to be mindful about how they live and how they love. As Moms or Mom-to-be, it’s so hard to make time for ourselves, but it’s so necessary for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Taking time out to fill our own cup actually allows us to be more present and give more love to our families. It doesn’t have to be a big deal or take all day. Here are a few ideas: take a 20-min walk around your neighborhood, take a warm bath, take a yoga class, schedule a massage, or meet a girlfriend for lunch. Today I’d love to share more with you about what I’ve discovered in this local wellness community, especially the salon and spa because that’s every Mom’s favorite anyway! Read through to find some exclusive promotions for Lactation Link readers.

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Which nursing pad is best for me? via lactationlink.com

Which nursing pad is right for me?

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Hi mamas! I’m Lacey Parr, a lactation educator and mom of 3. I’m here on the blog today to talk about how to find the perfect nursing pad for you!

One of the most useful tools for breastfeeding is a good nursing pad! Especially in the first few weeks or months, many moms will leak breastmilk. So it’s nice to have something there that will catch the leaks before they come through your clothes and some nursing pads even help prevents leaks! In this post, we have partnered our favorites to help you save when you need to stock up and we will go over the pros and cons of each so you can find one that works best for you. We love sharing products with you that we have used and loved ourselves!

Which nursing pad is right for me?Disposable nursing pads

which nursing pad is right for me? via lactationlink.com

{Bamboobies disposable nursing pads: use code LLINK20 for 20% off}

In the first few days and weeks, most moms will leak quite a bit and will need to change pads out often to prevent things like thrush. This is when a disposable nursing pad comes in handy. You will be amazed at how much liquid these babies can hold! Remember to change your pads out each feeding or anytime you notice any wetness on your skin. Bamboobies have great disposable nursing pads because you can forget the guilt over more trash because these are made from eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo. The inner layers are also antibacterial and antimicrobial. Use code LLINK20 on their site for 20% off your entire order at Bamboobies. If you want to deal with less packaging and waste after the first few weeks, a reusable nursing pad might be right for you.

Reusable silicone pads

Which nursing pad is right for me? via lactationlink.com

{Lilypadz nursing pads: use code LLINK for 15% off}

If you’ve ever been a nursing mom in a public place without a pad, you understand that direct pressure can sometimes prevent a let down. Lily padz are reusable silicone nursing pads that apply gentle pressure on your breast to prevent leaks from starting. They also cling to your skin, without being sticky, so there is no losing them in the folds of your clothes. Some moms find that their leaks accumulate in the pad and they have to carefully remove them to prevent a big spill. And after some time and regular use, the surface that adheres to the skin will wear and will become less tacky. Just be sure to properly use and care for them so they will last as long as possible. But they are super nice because they cling to your skin and you can wear them without a bra. (Yay for braless days!) One study even showed that mothers using Lilypadz had fewer cases of mastitis and thrush. Score! Use code LLINK to save 15% on your Lilypadz order.

Which nursing pad is right for me? via lactationlink.com

{Lilypadz nursing pads: use code LLINK for 15% off}


Reusable cloth pads

Which nursing pad is right for me? via lactationlink.com

{Bamboobies cloth pads: use code LLINK20 for 20% off}

The most common type of nursing pads that moms use are reusable cloth. Bamboobies cloth nursing pads are also made out of bamboo and are super light and soft while still being absorbent. Their overnight pads are helpful for overnight and the times of big leaks like the first few weeks. But their regular pads are perfect for day-to-day use. Just remember to change them out as soon as they feel wet on your skin. I keep an extra set in my nursing basket and diaper bag. You can use code LLINK20 for 20% off your Bamboobies order.

Which nursing pad is right for me? via lactationlink.com

{Bamboobies cloth pads: use code LLINK20 for 20% off}

For more tips on breast and nipple care products, check out our favorite products post and our post on how to care for engorgement.

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Lacey Parr, BS, CLEC

mom magazine cover

Tuesday Tools with Pregnancy + Newborn Magazine

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I’m excited to be featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine’s January issue!  I’m debunking a few breastfeeding myths in the article.  Here is a preview of the questions I’m answering:

“Breastfeeding hurts. You’ll just have to get through it.”

“You’ll figure it out as you go.  There’s no need for a prenatal breastfeeding class.”

“Just ask a nurse or lactation specialist at the hospital.”

“At least you tried — just give the baby a bottle.”

“Your mom and sister didn’t produce enough milk, so you probably won’t either.”

Catch my answers and the full article here!  Also, my video breastfeeding classes answer all of these topics in detail!  Available to click and learn and they never expire.  Come say hi on instagram today and make sure you have my ‘Top Ten Tips for Breastfeeding Success’ to start with.

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Lindsey Shipley, RN, IBCLC

Friday Favs – B. Baby Boutique Nursing Pillow

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Today for my #fridayfavs I wanted to share one of my favorite nursing pillows from B. Baby Boutique.  Here is the pillow being used in a few common breastfeeding positions:
Mom breastfeeding baby with nursing pillow

Cradle position

mom breastfeeding baby

Football position

Here are 4 reasons why my clients and I love this nursing pillow from B. Baby Boutique:

Comfortable.  This nursing pillow is more of a L-shape than a U-shape.  Many women don’t like the half inner-tube U-shape that most nursing pillows take the shape of.  They sometimes complain that they are too tight on their postpartum tummy.  For a single baby, you really only need support on one side, so an L-shape is perfect to provide support, while alleviating pressure on the other side.

Portable.  One unique thing about this pillow is that it deflates!  It can fold into a small pouch and easily be packed for travel in the car or airplane.  It can be burdensome to lug a huge pillow in the car or airplane with a breastfeeding baby.

Clean.  This pillow has a removable, washable cover.  Our brand new little ones need to be kept away from germs!

Affordable.  With a price of only $15, some Mamas buy 2 (one for the house and one for travel!).  They also offer FREE SHIPPING.

As always, I offer in-person classes in Highland, UT once a month and all my classes are available in a video format anytime for your convenience.  I also offer e-consults for specific questions, home and hospital visits.

I hope this was helpful, thanks for coming by today!

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xo ~ Lindsey, RN, IBCLC

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