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Although co-sleeping can be a convenient way to breastfeed and get more rest, some Moms report concern about baby’s safety in the bed with them.  Through research we know that co-sleeping, when practiced safely, provides no greater risk of SIDS than an infant being in a crib.  So, how do you do it safely?  Tonight I’m sharing the “Safe Sleep Seven” by La Leche League International.  This list is referring to 7 ways to ensure safe co-sleeping if you want to use that as a nighttime sleep option with your infant.

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“Safe Sleep Seven” by La Leche League International

If a mother is:

1. A non-smoker

2. Sober

3. Breastfeeding

If her baby is:

4. Healthy

5. On his/her back

6. Lightly dressed and UNswaddled

And they both:

7. Share a safe sleep surface

Additionally, here are a few things to keep in mind about bed sharing.  Family members besides the parents should not be in the bed, because they are less aware of the infant’s movements and needs.  Always avoid couches, sofas and armchairs as a sleep surface.  They have too many crevices that can become dangerous.

Even if you do not plan on co-sleeping, it is important to prepare for safe co-sleeping as many mothers will fall asleep breastfeeding. (Thanks oxytocin!) If you prepare for safe co-sleeping, no matter your bedtime plans, you can rest with ease!

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