How to get started with fitness after a baby

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Hi there! It’s Megan from @muncher_cruncher I am so excited to be a part of wellness Wednesday, talking about something that I deal with quite a bit! Many women who have just had a baby want to know how to get back into working out. I’ve worked with many clients going through this process, so hopefully I can offer some insight.
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1. Listen to your doctor. If you’ve been given stipulations of what you shouldn’t do…FOLLOW them. Your Doc is actually examining your body, & will tell you if you’re healed & ready. If you’re feeling ready before you’re cleared, talk to them about it. If there is bleeding, it’s usually a sign your body is still healing, & you should wait to exercise.
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2. Start slow. Walking is an AWESOME way to go. It’s low impact and allows you to move without over-doing it. You’ll gradually be able to increase what you can do. Your joints may feel “loose” due to the hormone relaxin that softens the ligaments & joints during childbirth. If you feel unstable, you could end up with an injury; so, start slow. Yoga, stretching, & low impact exercise will be your best friend at first!


3. Once you feel an increase in stamina & strength, incorporate body weight exercises. Squats, lunges, pushups, TRX exercises, & physioball exercises are all great ways to build strength back. Your timeline of getting back into a regular workout routine might be different than others, so don’t compare yourself. Some women will have a gap in their abdomen known as Diastasis Recti, which can take time to close. Be careful with what abdominal work you do until that heals.
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4. Don’t let baby become a lingering excuse for inactivity. Listen to your body, BUT know that exercise will increase your energy, helping you to be a better mom. You’ll also feel better about yourself, which is better for everyone. 🙂
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5. Find a workout buddy! You’ll be more accountable & motivated if you have a buddy. Starting may feel impossible, but hang in there. Be patient with your body. It just did something pretty amazing! You’ll be back in your routine before you know it.
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