When should I wean?

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toddler breastfeeding

When to wean?

When questioned about when to wean from breastfeeding, I like to point parents to the American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement on breastfeeding when answering this question. The AAP recommends all infants be exclusively breastfed until 6 months and then adding complementary foods.  They recommend to continue breastfeeding until a year, or as long as it is mutually desired by mother and child. Worldwide ages of weaning range from a few months to a few years. 

When's the right time to wean your baby from breastfeeding? I refer parents to...

Personal choice

Like I discuss in my Breastfeeding Basics 102 class, most babies will not self-wean until 18 months old or older.  It’s important when making this decision that you remember the benefits of breastfeeding do not end at a certain age. Your milk continues to supply your child with antibodies, anti-allergens, growth factors and anti-viruses throughout the breastfeeding relationship. Some research shows that when breastfeeding for over a year, you milk has “significantly increased fat and energy contents” to benefit your child’s nutrition. When it comes to weaning, it’s really up to you and your baby!

What affected your decision to wean? Share in the comments.

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What supplement can I take to increase milk supply?

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Increase supply with hand expression.

Many times on my Instagram forum and on other online mother forums, I see moms who ask how to increase supply and many other moms suggest breastfeeding supplements. This is what I want to address today. I’ve had a post about milk supply before and you might have noticed that I did not mention any breastfeeding supplements.

What are these breastfeeding supplements?

Let’s talk a little bit about these breastfeeding supplements. In the research literature, they are known as galactagogues or a substance that increases milk supply. Some breastfeeding supplements that I have seen suggested are fenugreek, fennel, blessed thistle, Gatorade, brewers yeast, beer and water (in copious amounts). For most breastfeeding or pumping moms, galactagogues are not necessary to keep up a normal or necessary milk supply. I try to base my classes and advice on evidence-based information and there is simply not enough research on galactagogues (breastfeeding supplements) for me to give a solid recommendation.

What I do suggest to moms who need to increase their milk supply is to encourage...What does help increase milk supply?

What I do suggest to moms who need to increase their milk supply is to encourage baby to feed frequently and increase frequency of breast stimulation. If the mom is pumping, I also suggest using hands-on pumping and hand expression to help increase supply. Remember that milk is made by asking for milk. And we ask for milk by breastfeeding or expressing through pumping or hand expression.

Final notes

In most cases galactogogues will not hurt you, but make sure to consult with your healthcare provider when introducing any herbs or supplements in conjunction with any medications you are already on.

I know that there are many women who have had success with galactagogues and I think that’s great! But without frequent breast stimulation, milk supply will not increase in most cases. If you feel like your supply needs a boost and frequent breast stimulation has not helped, you would probably benefit from a one-on-one consult with an IBCLC. I love helping moms with in-person consults and eConsults. In my video classes I discuss various ways to encourage a healthy supply like hand expression and hands-on pumping, in-depth. What helped encourage a healthy milk supply for you? Share in the comments.

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Tips for breastfeeding in a carrier from a babywearing educator

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woman breasfeeding her child using a carrier

We are excited to have Laura Brown, a certified babywearing educator with Ergobaby with us today! To celebrate International Babywearing Week, she will be sharing her tips with us on how to breastfeed while wearing your baby in a carrier. Thanks for sharing with us Laura!

Breastfeeding in a carrier made simple with these tips from a baby wearing expert!

  1. Make sure you having breastfeeding upright down before trying out in your carrier. You can either lie back, have baby gently straddling you, or even practice side lying and breastfeeding to get your latch down.
  2. Know your carrier and its features well, as well as how to put it on comfortably on your own so you feel confident before attempting breastfeeding in it. Most carriers also have hoods you can use if you if baby is distracted or you’d like some additional privacy.
  3. Practice! Practice at home or another environment where you feel comfortable before trying out and about. Try latching baby on before baby is crying and upset, when baby is content and curious. Move and sway if you need to.
  4. Dress in a way that makes it easy for access to the breast. Crossover tops and nursing tanks work well, or the “two shirt method” where you layer one top over another so you can lift the top one up and bottom one down (like an envelope).
  5.  You will likely need to lower your carrier and possibly being breast up to meet baby. Practice lifting the edge of your buckles to release slack and drop baby down a few inches. If you still feel your breast is too low, you can put a rolled up washcloth under your breast, or you may want to try a soft cup bra rather than drop cup nursing bra which will give you a few inches of boost.
  6. Keep in mind the younger baby is, the more you may have to help guide until they have complete head and neck control. Don’t forget to lift baby back up and retighten your carrier once you’ve finished.

Laura Brown is a Certified Babywearing Educator with Ergobaby, posptartum doula, and the founder of BabywearingLA. She currently teaches classes and consults in Los Angeles.


ergobaby adapt carrierlatched while babywearing

breastfeeding dressThe carrier seen here is the Ergobaby Adapt, a new carrier that allows you to use from birth without an insert! The dress is Harper & Bay’s Raglan dress, which has side zippers to open for nursing!

How has breastfeeding while babywearing helped you? What has been your experience? Share in the comments. 

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Feature: The Exclusively Pumping Mom

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Today we are excited to feature Laura Deznan of @theexclusivelypumpingmom. She is sharing with us her experience with exclusively pumping, donating milk as well as her top 3 tips for pumping moms.


Exclusively pumping (or EP) is when a woman uses a breast pump to express milk for their baby. They then bottle feed that milk to their little one. They never bring the baby to their breast to nurse. It is often referred to as bottle nursing.
Why I chose to exclusively pump
Many moms wonder why anyone would want to exclusively pump. it’s time consuming and exhausting. Leaving the house for more than a few hours requires you to pack up your pump and supplies. I actually made the choice to EP. Many mothers make this decision due to medical issues. Some have a baby with a cleft palate or who is in the NICU, and not strong enough to nurse. I personally did this due to my oversupply.
My body quickly made an oversupply with my daughter and I realized after nursing sessions I still felt full and uncomfortable. I decided to pump for relief and was shocked with how much better I felt. I started giving my daughter pumped milk and she did great with it. She was happy, sleeping well and meeting all of her milestones. I tried to do both, but pumping after each nursing sessions became too much for me. I was working full time and my husband was working nights, something had to change. I decided to try out exclusively pumping since we were not nursing much once I was back at work 6 weeks postpartum.
Donating my breastmilk 
I was able to pump a significant amount of milk. Soon my freezer was full and we decided to invest in a deep freezer. I had been blessed with more milk than my daughter needed and I ran out of room! I found a baby in need who I donated 2,000 oz to. We kept 3,000 oz since we were coming up on a year and I was starting to wean from the pump. I knew the 3,000 oz would get my daughter close to 2 years on breastmilk.
We struggled with clogged ducts and several bouts of mastitis. It was absolutely worth it though. I figured out Lecithin was a great supplement to prevent clogs which helped me out significantly. Luckily those were my biggest hurdles and we overcame them one day at time.
I learned a lot during my experience as an exclusively pumping mom, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I was able to reach my breastfeeding goals (while working full time) and then some with my trusty pump by my side. I had my husbands support the entire journey and was able to donate to a baby in need as well as my niece and my cousins new arrival!
Here are my top 3 tips for exclusively pumping moms:
  1. Pump parts only need to be washed once daily. Put your parts in a ziplock bag and refrigerate parts between pumping sessions! Wash the parts at the end of the day! You save yourself a lot of time and energy.
  2.  If you see a dip in supply, don’t panic. It is most likely your pump, not you. Check all of your pump parts- especially the membranes. The membranes have to be changed every few weeks and can make a huge difference in your output.
  3. Stay hydrated! You have to hydrate to lactate- so keep water on you at all times!
Breastfeeding looks different to everyone, mine just involved a breast pump! Exclusively pumping was by far the hardest, yet most rewarding thing I have ever done for another person. I would gladly do it all over again!


Thank you Laura for sharing your experience! What has been your experience with pumping?

Also check out my top 5 tips for keeping up your milk supply when returning to work. To learn more about pumping and storing breastmilk when separated from baby, check out our breastfeeding video classes, including our class Pumping and Storing.

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The bra (Simple Wishes) and shirt (Undercover Mama) in these photos are some of our favorite products. Use code “LLINK” for 20% off.

Photos by Janae Kristen.

baby smiling at the camera

Top 3 tips for distracted breastfeeding + Chewable Charm promo code

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“My baby is so distracted while breastfeeding – he is coming off the breast multiple times per session to look around the room.  Help!”  

baby chewing on his mom's necklaceThis is a statement I hear a lot on instagram and in my classes.  Distracted breastfeeding can be difficult for moms because it makes it tough to make it through a session!  This typically starts happening as baby gets older and more aware of his/her surroundings.  You can’t blame baby, he/she just wants to see what’s going on!  Here are a few tips to minimize the distraction and maximize the milk flow!

Distracted breastfeeding can be difficult for moms because it makes it tough to make it through a session. The first tip is...

  1. Try giving baby full eye contact — it’s easy to get distracted by your phone or the TV and sometimes baby is craving that one-on-one attention.
  2. Use a Chewable Charm teething necklace and/or a book to hold baby’s attention six inches away from the feeding session instead of six feet across the room! (Chewable Charm is offering 25% off your purchase today with code ‘LLINK’).
  3. Move to a quieter room so there’s less people walking in/out and less noise overall.

baby sitting on his mom's lap

I hope this helps!  A lot more great tips like this in my breastfeeding video classes.  They are great for anyone past 12 weeks in pregnancy and many moms take them after delivery too!

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How to Create Confidence in Motherhood

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I’m so excited to have several women sharing on the blog today about their experiences as Moms.  These mamas are always giving great comments and input over on our instagram, I wanted to chat with them about something so important to me – confidence in motherhood.  At Lactation Link our motto is “Creating Confident Moms”, because I believe having knowledge and options helps you tap into your mothers intuition much more confidently!  I also believe strongly that ‘Mama Knows Best’, read on and you’ll know what I mean!

Whitney Fox

Mom and two children sitting in bed

I’ve always wanted to be a mom, and truthfully, I always thought I would be a pretty good one. When pregnant with my first daughter and for the first couple months of her life, I poured so much of myself into research. Research about everything. I needed to know I was doing the absolute best for her. I needed to know I was starting solids at the exact right time, I needed to know she got 30 minutes of tummy time a day, or met her milestones when she was supposed to ect.  That period in my life was the most stressful, confusing, pressuring time to date. I stressed every little thing I did, I was confused by all the contradicting information out there on how to mother, and I felt insane amount of pressure to measure up and to do what all this research told me I must. As time went on I slowly started to listen to myself.  There isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to babies or to us as moms! We all have different things we are comfortable with, different priorities, different values, different emotions, and so on. Same goes for our baby! I learned this especially after having my second, I had to relearn all new tricks and I had to find what worked for her because what worked for my oldest, didn’t work for her. Mother’s intuition is one of the strongest things I’ve experienced in life. There is such a special bond between a mother and a baby, and once I just slowed down, really listened, and trusted myself, that’s when my confidence came. Motherhood is so much more enjoyable when you trust yourself!

♥Whitney Fox is a mom of two gorgeous little girls and shares daily snippets on her instagram @_whitneyfox.

Amanda Sanchez

Baby sitting in mom's lap
Motherhood is a whirlwind, especially for us first-timers. I remember when I was pregnant I tried to keep myself calm and collected at all times, hoping it would carry over after my baby came and that I’d somehow magically be a calm, collected and confident mom. The truth is, confidence doesn’t just happen. For me, confidence as a new mom has come from the repetition of trying again and again each day. My little boy Benjamin is 4 months old now, and while breastfeeding has been going smoothly, some days he doesn’t eat as well as others. And it always makes me worry. But I just do my best, consult all my resources if I need help, and then try again tomorrow, and slowly overtime, I build confidence that I’ll know what to do if he has another day where he doesn’t eat well. The same goes for sleeping.
I’ve received a lot of motherhood advice over the past 6 months and most women have said, “Trust your instincts. Every baby is different. You’ll be surprised just how often you’ll know exactly what your baby needs.” This has helped me find confidence in the moment when I’m struggling to make the best decision for Benj. Should I put him down for a nap, or try to keep him up another hour? Should I pump and give him a bottle, or would he rather nurse? Should I bathe him now or wait until bedtime? The questions and self-doubts can seem endless. I think it’s important for us moms to stop and give ourselves credit along the way and know that we’re not alone, especially when our confidence is low. Motherhood is challenging for each of us, but the joy it brings also brings us together as women, and that’s a pretty incredible thing.
♥Amanda Sanchez is the mom of an adorable 4-month-old boy Benjamin.  She is the social media manager at Adobe and also runs the blog  She shares daily snippets on her IG @littlemissfearlessblog and her insight on fashion, feel-goods, and fitness on her blog.

Annie Staten

Mom and baby looking at each other

The best thing I’ve done to create confidence in motherhood is to trust my intuition and let it guide me to where I could learn and grow with an open heart and mind. It’s meant accepting that although I’m not the perfect mother, I’m truly meant to be my children’s mother. They are meant to be mine and together we are perfect.  The more I’ve practiced listening to my intuition as a woman, wife, and mother, the more confident I’ve become in my ability to recognize what that inner voice is saying. Sometimes it’s saying “no, this doesn’t feel right for my family” or “yes! these values or decisions fit into our family dynamic.” Listening to and practicing confidence in my motherly intuition has led me to discover the tribes of women I connect with who have helped me learn, grow and realize my potential as a mother.  When I implement using my motherly intuition on a consistent basis, my children benefit, my family reaps the reward of a confident (not perfect!) mom, and I feel I can manage the challenging and wonderful work of motherhood! @kthelinphotos

♥Annie Staten is a mama of four, including a set of twins!  She is a fitness, birth, and breastfeeding enthusiast as well as an IdealFit Athlete.  She shares a peak into her days on her IG @aejamba.

Alycia Crowley

Mom and baby looking at camera

As a first time mother, everything is new, and it can be hard finding confidence in anything your doing. Personally, I found confidence in learning as much as I could and then following through while trusting my instincts. I did this as I prepared for an unmedicated child birth, as well as breastfeeding. Each was a challenge that I came to with the tools I acquired, and then let my intuition fill in the gap. Preparation and instincts created a foundation of confidence, which turned into trust between the two of us. That trust is part of the sacred bond of mother and child. As I learned to take care of Ella the way Ella needed to be taken care of, it created a confidence that I knew her better than anyone else. I was her mother.

♥Alycia Crowley is a mom to her sweet Ella who is eleven months!  She is self-described as “Canadian born, California grown, and Utah Livin”!  She Shares life, style, and beauty tips on her IG @alyciagrace.  She also has a blog called Crowley Party.  Her latest project includes a tot apparel brand called lunabybaby.

Liz Cannon

Pregnant woman holding her stomach

The best thing that I have done to create confidence in motherhood is to surround myself with a village of other mothers. Some have similar aged kids, some are a few seasons ahead of me, and others are women whose kids are grown. We all have different skills, perspectives, and experiences that make us equipped for motherhood in unique ways. I love being able to sit with a friend and hear how she may be mothering in a completely opposite way but know that we can still be united by our deep love and desire to care for our children. Being in a community with other mothers has given me confidence to say without a doubt that I am the woman best suited to be the mother to my children and supplied me with endless tools to become a better mother. XO, Liz
♥Liz Cannon is mama to one little girl Elouise with another ‘Cannon baby’ on the way!  She recently started blogging and is sharing lots of great ideas for dressing a baby bump.  You can also catch her daily snapshots on her IG @mrsseacannon
Trisha Bell
Mom sitting on bed with infant and toddler
To me, confidence comes from within. It comes from happiness and positivity. It comes from “feeling good” about your every day choices. When you throw motherhood into the mix, it takes time to find a good healthy balance. You’ll make a lot of “wrong’s”, that will eventually lead to so many “rights”.. The key is to stay positive and to learn from the mistakes you make as a parent, instead of beating yourself up over them.
I’ve been through soooo much in my 26 years of life. At a young age, I knew I wanted to have a big family. I knew I wanted to be a mother. I just didn’t know about the struggles I would have to face, to get the 2 boys I was blessed with. I lost 3 little angels before I was finally blessed with my oldest, Urijah, who is now 3 and a half years old. We wanted our babes to be close in age, so we started trying for baby number 2 when Urijah was only 11 months old. Little did I know, we would lose 4 more pregnancies, before we would finally be blessed with our little Ezrah. But that wasn’t the end of our struggles. Our sweet Ezrah had complications at birth and was born with a severe brain injury. We almost lost him. We “should” have lost him – but, the positivity that I was able to find in our time of need, pushed us through the hardest times of our lives. I get it, how in the world do you find any type of positivity from a situation like ours? Well, you search and you search DEEP, but it’s there and you will find it. You can let your struggles beat you down to the ground -or- you can choose to rise above it. To let it empower you. Let it build you. Make you stronger.
My sons are my miracles. They are my heaven on earth. Choosing to be a positive person, has made me the best “Me” I could possibly be. And when I’m the best “me”, I know my kids and family life are well taken care of. I am confident as a parent, because I am in control of the way I choose to look at life. I am in control of the way “I do motherhood.”
Trisha Bell is a mom to two amazing boys Urijah and Ezra, and 7 in heaven.  She shares family happenings over on her blog and also daily snippets on her IG @trisha.bell.  She is a huge inspiration and source of support for other Moms who have experienced infant loss.


Creating Confidence in Motherhood badge

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World Breastfeeding Week Kickoff – Facebook Live Q&A

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FB Live + LL text only

Next week is WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK and we have so many fun giveaways, collaborations, guest blog posts and more lined up to celebrate with you!  Our kickoff event is going to be like a big LIVE hangout over on FACEBOOK LIVE.  Make sure you are following us on Facebook to have access! The event is Monday August 7th and you can RSVP here (RSVP enters you into our swag bag drawing!). You can also ask a question in the comments on the event page and I’ll answer those first!  I’ll be there sharing tips, answering your questions, talking about Frequently Asked Questions about our video breastfeeding classes, and giving away a swag bag during the event.  See you there!

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Wellness Wednesday – Overnight Oats!

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One of my new favorite things are overnight oats and this recipe is too good not to share! I love overnight oats because they are easy to make, nutrient-dense and are perfect to grab in the morning for a quick breakfast.  Many Moms feel like oats can contribute to a great milk supply!

Today I am sharing a recipe for german chocolate overnight oats – dessert for breakfast? Count me in!

Here’s the recipe…

In a bowl mix:

  • 1/3 cup dry rolled oats
  • 1/2-1 scoop chocolate protein powder (Mommi protein is approved for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers – use ‘LLINK’ for 15% off your order.)
  • 1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt
  • 1/3 cup vanilla almond milk
  • 1/2 Tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1/4 tsp coconut extract
  • couple drops liquid stevia

*Cover and store in fridge overnight.

The next morning top with:

  • 1 Tbsp unsweetened coconut flake
  • Chocolate chips (optional – carob chips are vegan option)
  • 1 Tbsp chopped almonds or walnuts (optional)
  • Eat cold.

(You could even toast the almonds and coconut flakes for a few minutes to add a little bit more crunch.)

Hope you guys enjoy this and please tell me how you like overnight oats!  As always I am here to help with my in-person and online breastfeeding video classes!  Get started with my ‘Top Ten Tips for Breastfeeding Success‘ here.

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Lactation Link Las Vegas class + PROMO codes

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We had such a fun time teaching a SOLDOUT class in Las Vegas just last Saturday!  Thank you to the readers who requested us to come to the area – we had fun Creating Confident Moms in Vegas.  Huge thanks to the Healthy Living Institute at UMC for hosting us – if you are local be sure to checkout their prenatal, infant massage, and mommy and me yoga classes!  What a great community resource.

women watching a presentation

Also thanks to our sponsors Pottery Barn Kids – Las Vegas, Lillemer, Undercover Mama, and Milkful.  We also had generous partners help stuff our grab bags including Little Mr Ties, A Little Lady Shop, and Chatbooks.  Also to local Las Vegas businesses including Reflecting Hands Massage and JennLynn Photography.

Our grab bags for this class were valued at $159!  Thanks to generous sponsors we are giving away 3!   Enter here.  Here’s what was inside and active promo codes!

party gifts from lilbuds

Pottery Barn Kids wooden rattle

Lillemer – Lil’ Buds Breast Comfort Packs (‘LLINK’ for 10% off)

Undercover Mama –  Nursing Tank (‘LLINK’ for 20% off)

Milkful – Lactation Oat Bar (‘LLINK’ for 20% off)

A Little Lady Shop – Hair Bows (Memorial day sale going on)

Little Mr Ties – Bow Tie

Chatbooks – Free book (‘LLINK’ at checkout)

We had such a great group in Las Vegas.  A few mamas drove several hours to attend – we loved meeting them!  Here are a few highlights from class:

Baby Olivia played a joke on me!  Spit happens!  Even during class.

woman with baby on her lap

So much fun meeting these Lactation Link moms

lactation consultant with clients

lactation link photoshoot

lactation link photoshoot with three women

Note taking with our Class outlinenote taking for class

The best swag bags ever!

swag bag

Support is key!  We formed a support circle at our Vegas class

women after a breastfeeding class

Our in-person class schedule for the summer can be found here.  Can’t make it to an upcoming class?  Our video breastfeeding classes are available to click and watch anytime on your schedule!  So convenient!  Anytime after 12 weeks in pregnancy is a great time to start the classes, you can watch them again and again!  A great place to get started is my ‘Top Ten Tips for Breastfeeding Success‘.

I’ve created a free e-mail course to help you get breastfeeding started on the right foot! Click the image below for more info.


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lactation consultant visiting a mom in the hospital

What’s the best nursing bra?

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So many nursing bras out there to choose from, how do you know which one will work for your needs?!  I’ve tested several nursing bras with my clients, and one of their favorites seems to be the Supermom style from Simple Wishes.

A lactation consultant's favorite nursing bra + promo code!

Today I’m sharing a 20% off your total purchase with code: ‘LLINK’.  The Supermom nursing bra comes in black and nude colors, has plenty of sizing choices, and no underwire (a tight underwire can cause mastitis!).  Besides all that it has 3 great ways to use it!

simple wishes bra

Everday pregnancy/postpartum bra

simple wishes bra on bed

Nursing bra / easy clip-down

showing the simple wishes bra

Hands-free pumping bra

Lots of tips in my Pumping and Storing Breastmilk Class about why hands-free pumping is so important to getting the most out of your time with the pump!

I hope you enjoyed my #fridayfav feature and remember you can always get started with my Top Ten Tips for Breastfeeding Success!

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