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Breastfeeding Around the World: Part 1

By August 3, 2017February 9th, 2022Uncategorized

Breastfeeding, like many aspects of motherhood, is a universal phenomenon that can connect us to other mothers. This week, during World Breastfeeding Week, we are talking with moms from around the world about their experience breastfeeding. We hope you can feel connected to these moms and know that we are all doing our best to provide the best start for our children. Enjoy! Interviews have been edited for length and clarity.

What made you decide to breastfeed?

“It seemed like the most natural thing to me, and I also wanted the best for my baby. I also felt like the separation from my baby would be less intense with that bond.” -Neila, France

“The benefits are amazing for the baby and the mother. It feels natural and the healthiest choice for the baby. I also love the connection and bond I have with my son. My son is 7 months old now, I work full-time, so I also pump at work, and have a very active 3 year old toddler; so breastfeeding provides me some quiet time for the baby and I to just wind down a busy and hectic day” -Lina, United Arab Emrates

“Because I believed it was best for my baby. Also that it’s free and convenient helps!” -Erin, Australia

What (or who) has helped you reach your breastfeeding goals?

“At first nobody helped me. During the pre-birth course “breastfeeding” wasn’t on the agenda so I was totally disoriented, but three day after birth (when I was giving up) a midwife working in the hospital was very helpful. She was so nice to me, she encouraged me giving me wise advices as how to lutch on or leaving milk on nipples to heal up. She and her colleagues followed me until my discharge.” -Silvia, Italy

“La Leche League from Belgium and the lactation consultants [at] the hospital where I gave birth. Also reading a lot about breastfeeding.” -Allison, Belguim

“First, my husband and I took the class that the hospital offers. So, when our baby was born we knew that they have lactation consultants available, and they made a big deal of difference those first days. Second, since my husband was with me during the classes and those first days, he didn’t let me renounce my goal of exclusively breastfeeding when I was ready to. He was prepared for that moment and offered the right support.” -Maria, USA

“I did a lot of research during my pregnancy and made sure I was educated and knew what I was in for. As natural as it may be – those 1st couple weeks are tough and I can see how moms could get discouraged without support or adequate knowledge throughout the process.” -Tash, South Africa

What about breastfeeding has brought you joy?

“I never could imagine how much joy! And pride! When people complement my baby about how big, smart and most important, healthy he is (including his pediatrician) we know that breastfeeding was the right choice.” -Maria, USA

“The connection with my baby is definitely magic and joyful. completely different to the connection that I had with my bottle fed baby, even when I love both deeply.” -Dianela, Venezuala

“It gives me immense joy to feel her at my breast as she likes to look around with those big beautiful eyes while drinking, and the feeling that my body and me are working together to provide for Eva.” -Asmita, India

I have LOVED hearing from these moms around the world. Breastfeeding is a beautiful journey that we can all take joy in. Support and education are so vital and I hope this series helps you feel connected to mothers around you and abroad. Stay tuned for Breastfeeding Around the World Part 2.

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Lacey Parr, BS, CLE

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