Does my baby need a probiotic?

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So many questions from all of you mamas about baby’s tummy, including,  “Should I give my baby any supplements or a probiotic?”  Today I’ve partnered with Evivo to answer that question, as well as let you know a little bit more about how baby’s gut health works!  First and foremost, remember that human milk is perfectly tailored to the needs of human babies, and it changes as babies grow and their needs change. In addition to this, it’s packed with live disease-fighting cells and other important immune factors. It really is the perfect first food for babies. New research into the infant gut microbiome is giving us even more of a glimpse into why breastmilk is so important. What is an infant microbiome? The term microbiome here refers to the microorganisms, mainly bacteria, that live in and on your baby’s body. Some of the bacteria in our microbiomes are bad and cause disease and inflammation, and some of those bacteria are good, and an essential part of a healthy immune and digestive system. As it turns out, human milk feeds both the baby AND the good bacteria in baby’s gut microbiome. (1)Would you believe that about 15% of mother’s milk is made up of an ingredient that babies can’t use? This ingredient is an amazing group of over 180 different specialized sugars, called Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs). The only organism that can utilize HMOs is an important kind of good bacteria that lives in the gut of babies, called B. infantis. HMOs help B. infantis to flourish and crowd out the bad bacteria that have been linked to a higher risk for conditions like colic, eczema, asthma, allergies, obesity, and diabetes. (2)

In the past, babies received B. infantis from their mothers during birth. However, there have been some shifts in the developed world during the past few generations that have led to a significant change in babies’ microbiomes. Cesarean sections, formula feeding, and antibiotic use have been important medical developments for many families, but they have contributed to a disruption in the transfer of important good bacteria, including B. infantis. That’s why I’m so excited about Evivo.  It’s the first and only clinically proven probiotic to help restore gut balance to the infant microbiome, and it’s designed specifically for breastfeeding babies.  In a clinical trial led by the University of California, Davis Medical Center, babies that were given Evivo showed an 80% reduction in potentially harmful bacteria such as E.coli, Clostridia, Staph, and Strep and a 79% increase in good gut bacteria. (3)  A reduction in the bad bacteria can help lower your baby’s risk of allergies, eczema, childhood obesity, and even decrease fussiness.  In combination with your breastmilk, Evivo can help lay the foundation for good health that lasts a lifetime. Using Evivo is as simple as 1-2-3. Once a day, simply take one sachet out of the fridge or freezer and pour into the included mixing bowl. Add a teaspoon of expressed breastmilk and mix with a spoon. Feed the mixture to your baby using the included syringe. (Don’t add to a bottle).  

It’s simple: Pour. Mix. Feed.Click here to get your baby started with Evivo. Use these promo codes for an exclusive offer for Lactation Link readers.

HCP310 – $10 off starter kit (4 weeks or more)

HCP320 – $20 off starter kit (8 weeks or more)

Both codes are limited to the first 500 redemptions!

You can order and check out more FAQ about Evivo here.

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Lindsey Shipley, RN, IBCLC

This post was written in partnership with Evivo. All opinions are my own.  

[1] Smilowitz JT, Lebrilla CB, Mills DA et al. Breast milk oligosaccharides: structure-function relationships in the neonate. Annu Rev Nutr. 2014;34:143-169.

[2] Fujimura KE, Sitarik AR, Havstad S et al. Neonatal gut microbiota associates with childhood multisensitized atopy and T cell differentiation. Nat Med. 2016;22(10):1187-1191.

[3] Smilowitz JT, Moya J, Breck MA et al. Safety and tolerability of Bifidobacterium longum subspecies infantis EVC001 supplementation in healthy term breastfed infants: a phase I clinical trial.BMC pediatrics 2017 17:133.

Lactation Link February 3rd Breastfeeding Basics Class presented by Bravado Designs + Promo Codes

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We had a fabulous Breastfeeding Basics class presented by Bravado Designs on February 3rd at the Loft at Brick Canvas, located in the heart of Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah! I loved teaching and getting to know all of our Lactation Link mamas (and supporting partners)! Helping create confidence in motherhood is what Lactation Link is all about. We also had a lot of fun with grab bags from our sponsors like Bravado Designs, Milk Snob, Sweet ‘n Swag and our yummy lunch from Village Baker Lehi!  

Here is what one mom had to say about the class:

Click through for more photos, a sneak peak into the Breastfeeding Basics class, and AMAZING promo codes from our event sponsors!

Lactation Link Breastfeeding Basics Class Sponsors

Not only do our in-person Breastfeeding Basics class attendees get the best breastfeeding education and hands-on practice, Q&A time with our staff of breastfeeding experts, a delicious lunch from the Village Baker, a whole support network of new friends and lactation experts…they go home with grab bags worth over $230 when they purchased the general admission ticket, and over $480 when they purchase the VIP ticket!

Bravado Designs has the BEST bras for pregnant and nursing Mamas! And right before the class – they released their brand new Belly and Back: Multi-Zone Pregnancy Support Band! This support band is the mother of all support bands! It has SEVEN targeted knit-in support zones! I know mamas can become very uncomfortable during pregnancy — so we partnered with Bravado to get you 15% off your purchase! Use the code ‘LACLINK’ when you check out!

Their  Belle Underwire Nursing Bra is the dreamiest bra you could ever hope for. Their Clip and Pump Bra is also a necessity for any mom planning to pump! Every mama deserves to have these comfortable bras, especially when you will be wearing them constantly! Use the code ‘LACLINK’ for 15% off your purchase!

Moby Wraps were a huge hit with everyone at our class! These wraps are a must have for every mom!  They promote skin-to-skin contact (and all the benefits that come with it!) and also leave your hands free to attend to an older baby or get a few things done.

Each attendee received a Milk Snob nursing cover. These covers are so useful to have, have four different uses (nursing cover, car seat cover, shopping cart cover, and scarf!) and also they look good! We even had moms using them during our class!  

Sweet n Swag also included a pair of adorable infant moccasins in every grab bag. You can use code ‘LLINK’ for 15% off total purchase on their site.

We were super excited to share Bamboobies with our moms. They are a great option for nursing pads – comfortable, reusable, and environmentally-friendly! Our mamas also received some of their comforting Nipple Balm and Pumping Lubricant. You can save 20% using the code “LLINK20” on their site.

Undercover Mama gave each mom a voucher for on one of their signature nursing tanks. It loops into any nursing bra! You can get 20% off your total purchase by using the code “LLINK” on their site!

Love Comma has adorable, modern breastfeeding clothes that are soft and durable with no zippers, snaps or buttons near babies cheeks! The clothes are comfortable to wear at home or out and about! Use the code “LOVECOMMA18” at check out to receive 15% off!

Fair Haven Health provided each mama with thawing breastmilk guidelines on a magnet, a milk bag, and 10% off, by using the code “MILKIES10” any purchase on their site! They have a variety of products that are helpful for all new mamas!

Clean Simple Eats has a variety of meal plans, that are SO yummy, and seasonally based that really help you eat healthy easily! You can get digital and hard copies of her meal plans. Use the code “LLINK” to receive $15 off!

Janae Kristen photography captured all these exquisite images for us at this class.  She has also captured many of the beautiful images shown in our classes, website, and on social media.  She does a beautiful job for weddings, maternity, newborn and lifestyle photography in Utah and is available to travel! She has offered an INCREDIBLE discount of $100 off birth stories when you mention this blog post!  Contact her directly at to book!

All of our mamas also received some Milestones cards so families can capture their new baby’s breastfeeding milestones! When you purchase our 3 video breastfeeding class bundle, you receive breastfeeding specific milestone cards to document your journey!

It was so great to have Cami Kesler, Family Nurse Practitioner there at class to share her top tips for finding the right healthcare provider for your baby.  She practices in the American Fork, UT Utah Valley Pediatrics office (801.756.5209 to book) and you can read tips on her Instagram @camikesler_nursepractitioner on Instagram.  

Class Instruction

All the goodies are the icing on the cake after my presentation of the best research-based breastfeeding tips and tricks. This includes info on the first feed, how to latch, how to hand-express and more! One tip I shared in class is taking advantage of the quiet-alert state to feed baby, rather than waiting until they are overly hungry and upset.

Ally said, “THANK YOU. Thank you a million times for helping new and super anxious moms like me relax, have fun, and LEARN that our bodies know what to do and we have all the tools we need to be successful. You didn’t sell us on anything or tell us to buy this or that product, you told us how to use what we have and be the best we could be. I LOVED this experience.”

This is ALWAYS my goal with teaching! Creating confident mamas is the number one purpose of this class!

We love hearing what our moms have to say about the Breastfeeding Basics class. Here is what a couple moms said…

Mingling & Photobooth

We don’t like to let pregnant mamas sit too long, so we had a break to stretch our legs and have a little fun! Our lunch break was INCREDIBLE, because Village Baker Lehi provided every attendee with a delicious sandwich, chips, and cookie the size of my face!

We also had a fun photo booth for moms to take pictures at before, during, and after instructional time! We love being able to see all the glowing mamas (and partners!) shine in these pictures!

Hands-on Learning

We were super excited to have so many moms and partners in class. We had 100 attendees in this class! In order for every mom to get individual hands-on practice, we broke out into four groups led by our expert team of IBCLCs. You can book an online or in-person consult with any of these ladies to help you with your personal breastfeeding goals/needs! They are awesome and LOVE to help! 

Click here to book an e-consultation. 

Click here to book an in-person consultation. 

You can use your healthcare savings account to pay for a consult too!

Stephanie taught on hand expression. Remember to start this right away after giving birth to maximize your colostrum output!  Stephanie will be your gal for a consult if you live in Utah County!

Bri went over positioning and helped mamas practice numerous different positions so that they can be prepared! Knowing multiple positions beforehand is so helpful so that you don’t have to stress about learning them once baby is here! Bri does consults in Salt Lake and Davis Counties. 

Kristin went over FAQs about breastfeeding and she is your gal for consults in Salt Lake and Utah Counties.

And I taught all about latch —  We had a fun object lesson using balloons — don’t forget, baby’s chin is basically a magic open button!


We make sure that our attendees are able to have time to ask their questions. Making sure our community of moms feels supported and heard is a big part of who we are. Moms were welcome to ask questions during the presentations and we had designated Q&A time at the end. If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out!

More classes and events

If you couldn’t make it to this class, we have you covered! You can check out our video breastfeeding classes and you can watch them anytime, anywhere, from any smart device.

Our next class Breastfeeding Basics class will be on April 14th from 9am – 1 pm at Brick Canvas Loft in Lehi, UT. You can book tickets now via Eventbrite! Grab your seat now, we always sell out!

Click here to see ticket options!

Can’t wait to help another group of parents create confidence in their breastfeeding journey!

Thanks for stopping by,

XOXO Lindsey Shipley + The Lactation Link Team

3 reasons why you may want to see more than one doctor during your pregnancy

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“Should I request to see only one doctor during my pregnancy?  Is it okay to see multiple healthcare providers? Help!”  These are common questions women have when they are deciding where they will go to receive their prenatal care.  Most OB/GYN clinics suggest their patients see multiple providers during their prenatal and postpartum checkups.  Most clinics also use an on-call delivery schedule.  This can be due to the difficult demand of providers having to be “on-call” at all times among other things.  So many questions can arise as to how this works as women explore their options for prenatal care.  Valley Women’s Health is a local clinic that follows a group practice model.  As a labor and delivery RN, I got to work side-by-side with many of their providers and actually am a patient myself within their Certified Nurse Midwife group.  Based in Utah, they have 10 different provider groups, 49 providers, 12 locations, and 10 hospitals where they deliver.  They staff OB/GYN physicians, Certified Nurse Midwives, as well as Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners.  

Here’s how it works with Valley Women’s Health, as well as many other OB/GYN practices:

  1. Call as a new patient to schedule your first appt (If you’re local to UT, you can call 801.374.1801 to make an appointment with Valley).
  2. Choose whether you’d like to be seen by a physician group or certified nurse midwife group
  3. Attend your prenatal appts with different providers within the practice, hopefully meeting all of them during your pregnancy (there’s usually 4-6 providers within the same group)
  4. When you get admitted to the hospital for delivery, your baby is delivered by the “on-call” provider within your group.

Whether you’re pregnant with your first or your fifth, whether your growing baby is the size of an apple or a swiss chard, I know what you’re thinking.  How can I be sure that my baby and I receive the very best care possible?  Can I still receive specialized care if I’m seen by an OB group of healthcare providers instead of a single provider? 

What do you think?  Do you see it as a positive or negative to be seen by several providers?  Do you think you can still get specialized care this way?  Think about it this way – what if you saw one provider your whole pregnancy, you go into labor and then that provider isn’t available for your delivery?  Would that stress you out?  Would you be okay with seeing multiple health care providers during your pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum recovery so you had confidence in whoever did the delivery?  Let’s explore why it might be a good idea to see several (if not all) of the healthcare providers within your OB practice.  

You’ll have multiple healthcare providers checking your health history and updating your care plan

Sometimes women can get worried they won’t get personalized care when they see multiple doctors.  Keep in mind that in the provider handoff from appointment to appointment, staff may communicate about your health history, any changes or complications that arise, and even collaborate on personalized care plans.  One could argue that the providers may be even more “on their toes” about reviewing history, vital signs, and doing thorough assessments when they don’t see you for every appointment.  

It can cut-down on wait times during your prenatal or postpartum checkups

If you only see one provider, you may have to wait an extra long time or even be asked to reschedule if they are called to deliver a baby.   Seeing multiple providers allows another provider to step-in and perform your routine checkup.   

You’ll feel less pressure to deliver on a specific day

If you are set on one particular physician delivering your baby, you may feel the urgency to deliver on a specific day they are on-call or available.  When you are less concerned about the physician on-call schedule, you can relax a bit and feel more comfortable letting your baby come on its own, when it’s ready.  

You can feel confident and comfortable with whoever is “on call” when the big day arrives

If you request the same physician for every prenatal appointment but then they are out of town or not on call the day you go into labor, you may feel some anxiety about who will be there to guide your delivery.  

“Who is on call?”

“What’s their name?”

“Will they be nice?”

“What can I expect?”

“Will they know what my birth plan is?”

These are the last thoughts you need running through your mind in-between contractions!  When you meet and interact with several different providers in the provider group throughout your pregnancy, you can rest assured that you’ll be familiar with whoever is on-call for your delivery.  One less thing to worry about!  

All that being said, here are a few things you should ask about or ask yourself as your looking for the right practice for your prenatal care.


Is the staff all board-certified in their specialties?  

How comfortable do you feel with the providers?

Do you find it easy to ask questions of the providers?

Do the providers explain things clearly and completely?

Do the providers seem like someone who will respect your wishes?

I hope this was helpful as you navigate and create confidence in your pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care.  I want you to feel like an active participant throughout the process – asking questions, putting together a birth and postpartum plan, and setting some goals.  Thanks to Valley Women’s Health for partnering with me on this post, all opinions expressed are my own and from my own experience.  I’d love to hear your questions or experiences in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by,





Lindsey Shipley, RN, IBCLC

Best Nursing Bras and Nursing Tanks: 3 Nursing Must-Haves

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Every day on Instagram, I get questions like:
“What’s the best nursing bra?”
“Where can I find nursing tanks?”
“I’m looking for a cute nursing bra!”
Today I want to answer your questions and help you get started with 3 basic nursing pieces (Lactation Link tested and approved!) from Bravado Designs that every nursing mama could use – and use lots!! Read through to get an exclusive promo code from Bravado Designs.

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Lactation Link September 2017 Breastfeeding Basics Class presented by Bravado Designs + Promo Codes

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Our amazing event venue sponsor, Brick Canvas is the place that just keeps on giving! You can read more about why you HAVE to visit their spa, by viewing this post on wellness. I love to do their hot yoga classes a few times per week and massages at Brick Canvas are top notch quality! Make sure you pamper yourself wherever you are (all the time, but especially during pregnancy!) For those who are local to Utah, I asked Brick Canvas if they could share a promotion with my readers and they did! Click through for a chance to save 15% on your Bravado Bra today.

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A community of women and wellness – Brick Canvas

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It can be hard to find a spot in the community that feels like home! A place we can go to be women, to be individuals, and to replenish and regenerate all that we give day-in and day-out as mothers. Somewhere we can meet other women who are in the same stage of life and are also striving to be mindful about how they live and how they love. As Moms or Mom-to-be, it’s so hard to make time for ourselves, but it’s so necessary for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Taking time out to fill our own cup actually allows us to be more present and give more love to our families. It doesn’t have to be a big deal or take all day. Here are a few ideas: take a 20-min walk around your neighborhood, take a warm bath, take a yoga class, schedule a massage, or meet a girlfriend for lunch. Today I’d love to share more with you about what I’ve discovered in this local wellness community, especially the salon and spa because that’s every Mom’s favorite anyway! Read through to find some exclusive promotions for Lactation Link readers.

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Here are some unconventional but super helpful baby gifts from a mom who knows.

Unconventional & Super Helpful Baby Gifts

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If I’m being honest, there isn’t much that a baby needs. What a baby needs is to breastfeed and to be held. And you as a mother are great at doing both! But motherhood is not to be done alone. Every mother needs support and love. Baby showers are a great way to show our love and support to new moms. When giving a thoughtful gift, this love and support are felt even more! Here I have collected 7 baby gifts that will not be returned to Target but that the mother will use and reuse with gratitude!

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Tips for labor & delivery to make breastfeeding easier via

3 Tips for labor & delivery to make breastfeeding easier

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We know that prenatal breastfeeding education is a big factor in breastfeeding success (1). We are thrilled to help moms get the information they need prior to birth to have a successful breastfeeding experience. In addition to prenatal education, there are a few ways to help breastfeeding get off to a good start. Labor and delivery is one place to look.

When all the focus is on helping mom and baby have a safe delivery, we might forget about a few things during labor and delivery that can help make breastfeeding easier. Here are a few things about labor and delivery that not only help you have a more enjoyable experience, they can also help get breastfeeding started well. Be sure to discuss any of these options with your healthcare provider and place of birth.

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Breastfeeding Around the World: Part 2

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As part of our World Breastfeeding Week celebrations last week, we heard from moms in South Africa, India, Belguim and more. This week, we are interviewing moms from Australia, Venezuela, Brazil and more about their breastfeeding stories. We hope that their experiences help put your breastfeeding journey into perspective and help you feel connected to mothers around the world. Enjoy!

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Breastfeeding Around the World: Part 1

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Breastfeeding, like many aspects of motherhood, is a universal phenomenon that can connect us to other mothers. This week, during World Breastfeeding Week, we are talking with moms from around the world about their experience breastfeeding. We hope you can feel connected to these moms and know that we are all doing our best to provide the best start for our children. Enjoy!

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