mom talking to consultant

“I learned so much at Lindsey’s Breastfeeding Basics class. With my first son I went to breastfeeding classes, but Lindsey’s class was a great refresher and taught me more than I knew before. I still look at my notes when I have questions. I recommend this class to everyone I know who is pregnant even if they’re on their second, third or sixth pregnancy.

Having Lindsey do a home visit before our son came was such a calming experience. She helped me deal with my issue of inverted nipples by specifically teaching me about my situation and offering suggestions and specific tools for when my son arrived.

We setup a hospital visit with Lindsey, and she helped me with prepping before each feeding, self-expressing colostrum to entice my son, proper latch and so much more. She was so comforting, never pushy or demeaning, and so upbeat about our breastfeeding journey. When she left my hospital room I thought to myself, “I can do this”!

We had Lindsey come to our home a week or so after our son was born. She helped me troubleshoot through everything and offered more advice and products to help soothe my nipples.

We have been breastfeeding for 8 weeks and I have a healthy happy son and he has a happy mom who is confident in breastfeeding, something I never imagined I would be. It has been such an amazing journey and so different from our first. With our first, the lactation specialist at the hospital took a look at my breasts and handed me a breast shield and told me I’d never be able to nurse without it due to inverted nipples. We even looked into plastic surgery to correct my inverted nipples. It’s been a blessing to have an advocate and help that I know is genuinely concerned about me and my breastfeeding experience. I can honestly say that we’re happily and successfully breastfeeding due in large part to Lindsey and her help!!”


mom learning to breastfeed

“I emailed Lindsey two weeks after my son was born because he had lost 9 oz. off of his birthweight by his two week doctor’s appointment. My doctor was alarmed and told me to supplement Jay with formula after every feeding. I wanted to make breastfeeding work for us so I contacted Lindsey. Lindsey responded back within less than an hour, which was a huge relief to me as an anxious mama. We set an appt for her to help me with my sonJay. She talked to me a little bit about my concerns and then helped me latch Jay on correctly. At my next doctors appointment a few days later Jay had gained 1/2 an oz. Two days later he had gained another ounce. The next week he gained six ounces and has continued to gain 6 ounces a week consistently since then.

Three of the biggest services Lindsey provided for me were: emotional support/encouragement, an education in breastfeeding, and correcting Jay’s latch. The emotional support was crucial at this time. I was feeling helpless but wanted to make things work. I didn’t feel like I was providing for my son like I should’ve been. She helped me relax and realize that we could figure this out. The education in breastfeeding that she provided was also very helpful. I could get her advice on things and understand more holistic approaches than my doctor was providing. Having said that, she never encouraged me to go against what my doctor said, she was just another person to bounce ideas off of. Finally, Lindsey helped me correct Jay’s latch. I had been using a nipple shield because his latch caused me a lot of pain while breastfeeding. She helped me get Jay off of the nipple shield and helped him latch deeper so I was in less pain and he was able to extract milk. I can’t say enough good things about all of the help Lindsey provided me. She was amazing and crucial to the successful relationship my son and I both have with breastfeeding.”


mom and dad looking at their child

“I struggled when attempting to breastfeed my first daughter, so this time I was extremely apprehensive about trying again. Even though I’ve worked as a Maternity and Infant Nurse, none of my previous training was as valuable as taking classes with Lindsey. The information I received helped me to breastfeed effectively and immediately in the recovery room after my cesarean delivery. My daughter was able to latch and she had several wet and soiled diapers in her first few days! She was even back up to birthweight in less than 6 days!! Thanks Lindsey for all your doing to help mommies and babies!”


mother and baby in hospital

“I am breastfeeding my second baby, and was having different issues than my first time around, namely lazy latch, bottle refusal, potential low milk supply, tongue tie. Finding Lindsey on instagram saved my sanity! What a cool concept by the way. Lindsey was so warm and easy to converse with. She made time to answer my (many) questions via email consults in a thorough and evidenced-based manner, and the SecureVideo session we did was so beneficial. Like an awesome personal consultation in your PJs with the iPad. What you get for what she charges is huge! She is a wealth of information and experience. I walked away with concrete knowledge and techniques that worked. My baby is 8 months and we’re nursing well, no formula ever, and we plan to keep on going. Its so important to have a relationship with an IBCLC, you’re always learning, no matter what number baby you’re breastfeeding. I hope all nursing mamas can have such a positive and helpful support in order to reach their goals!”


family of four in a hospital

“I always wanted to breastfeed, but my first experience didn’t go as I envisioned. It didn’t come natural tome and I wasn’t able to continue past a few days. So when I became pregnant for the second time I knew I needed to be more prepared. I found Lindsey from Lactation Link and took her Breastfeeding Basics class. I felt like I had everything I needed to successfully breastfeed.

After 36 hours of labor, my sweet Lincoln was born. I knew I needed to nurse within the first hour of life, as that’s when they are most alert. We tried, but he didn’t latch right away.  For about 10 days it was the same thing, he wouldn’t latch. I never got discouraged because I knew I had all the tools to breastfeed, and that helped me stay calm in the moments of frustration.  Even though it took time, I had trust in Lincoln and myself that we would both get the hang of it. Lindsey’s class prepared me for the hiccups that came my way and gave me the tools and confidence for overcoming them. I can’t stress enough how important it was to have my family’s support. I had my husband, mom, and sister constantly telling me I could do it, and how proud they were of me.  Surrounding myself with people who were saying, “you can do it” when I wanted to give up was so key to our success. Here we are almost 3 months later and breastfeeding is the most amazing thing I’m doing for my little boy. He’s gaining weight and thriving.”