When it comes to your baby, “winging it” isn’t good enough.

Achieve your breastfeeding goals with confidence and ease.

I’ve got a free training for you that covers breastfeeding basics and how to overcome common breastfeeding problems so you can have a worry-free experience with your newborn.

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You’ll learn:

  • How to get the best latch.
  • How to save money, time, & sleep.
  • How to not fall for common myths & misconceptions.
  • How to overcome some of the most common problems (like nipple pain).
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    In Lactation Link’s Breastfeeding Breakthrough course (LLBB) I’ll provide you with efficient and simple strategies to ensure successful (and enjoyable) breastfeeding.

    Because let’s be honest, breastfeeding can be tricky!

    What you get:

    6 days of info-packed emails designed to demystify the breastfeeding experience
    The top methods I’ve taught in my breastfeeding courses for 6 years to thousands of mothers
    Confidence you’ll have a successful, pain-free breastfeeding

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