Mom breastfeeding baby

B Baby Boutique

Many Moms have complained to me that most nursing pillow designs don’t fit around their postpartum tummy and are bulky to carry around.  The B. baby boutique nursing pillow is more of an L-shape to support the side you are nursing on, without tightness on the opposite side.  It also has a removable and washable slipcover.  The best part: it’s deflatable for easy use while traveling.  It’s also more affordable than most nursing pillows!

Mother breastfeeding baby

Covered Goods

This multi-use cover is perfect for Moms who want some coverage while nursing.  It can be used as a nursing cover, car seat cover, and scarf!  Some Moms buy an additional one to use as a shopping cart cover.  The jersey fabric is breathable and washable for convenience.

Juno Blu diaper bag

Juno Blu

These are like designer bags with a purpose.  Juno Blu bags can be used as a carryall, diaper bag and pump bag.  There are side compartments for carrying a pump as well as a cooling compartment to store breastmilk or healthy snacks!  I also love that they are stylish enough to use before baby and after diapers.  Use ‘LLINK’ for 15% off.

 Woman wearing breast comfort pads


Lil’ Buds breast comfort packs can be useful during engorgement, plugged ducts, and breast infections.  The design makes it easy to place over breasts or directly in your bra (avoid a tight or poor fit).  They are made with organic materials and infused with lavendar and flax seed.  I love that they can be heated for use as warming packs or frozen to be used as cooling packs.  Use ‘LLINK’ for 10% off.

silicone nursing pads


Lilypadz are a great option because they are reusable!  These silicone nursing pads help protect tender nipples from abrasion and can help prevent leaking!  Lilypadz can be worn without a bra, especially for sleeping.  They also can save you a lot on disposable nursing pads.

Mommi 3-in-1 protein shakes


Mommi 3-in-1 protein shakes are an easy and convenient snack or meal.  They are also approved for pregnant and breastfeeding women.  A great supplement to a healthy, whole foods diet that contains protein, DHA, and your daily prenatal/multivitamin.  These are great to have on hand to get in those needed calories! Use ‘LLINK’ for 15% off.

woman wearing strapless nursing tank

Undercover Mama

These strapless nursing tanks can be easily attached to any bra.  They give full torso coverage while making breastfeeding or pumping accessible! Use ‘LLINK’ for 20% off.

woman wearing nursing bra

Simple Wishes

After sampling many different brands of nursing bras with my clients, Simple Wishes has become my favorite.  Their ‘Supermom’ style can be used as an everyday bra, nursing bra, and hands-free pumping bra.  Use ‘LLINK’ for 20% off.