Unconventional & Super Helpful Baby Gifts

Here are some unconventional but super helpful baby gifts from a mom who knows.

Hi mamas! I’m Lacey Parr, a lactation educator, and mother of 3. I’m here today to talk about some fun ideas for baby shower gifts. I hope this gets some inspiration flowing for baby gifts! Enjoy!

If I’m being honest, there isn’t much that a baby needs. What a baby needs is to breastfeed and to be held. And you as a mother are great at doing both! But motherhood is not to be done alone. Every mother needs support and love. Baby showers are a great way to show our love and support to new moms. When giving a thoughtful gift, this love and support are felt even more! Here I have collected 7 baby gifts that will not be returned to Target but that the mother will use and reuse with gratitude!

  1. Breastfeeding class. Our research-based, peer-reviewed breastfeeding classes can be viewed over and over and never expire. They start with the benefits of breastfeeding, the anatomy of breastfeeding, how to hold your baby while breastfeeding, how to latch, even how to wean. (And loads more in-between!) The gift of knowledge is a gift that is perpetual!
  2. The gift of babywearing. As the saying goes, you cook for a mama once, you feed her for a day. You teach a mama to babywear, you feed her for a lifetime! 😉 Wearing your baby in a wrap or carrier increases bonding, lowers crying, facilitates breastfeeding and frees up mama’s hands. Soft wraps like the Moby Wrap are great for the newborn stage and Ergobaby is great for older babies. You can also search Babywearing International for local groups and gift a membership, which connects her with local experts to help answer her babywearing questions.Here are some unconventional but super helpful baby gifts from a mom who knows.
  3. Frozen homemade meals. A stack of meals, ready to go in the freezer, is such a relief to new families.
  4. Mattress protector. Yeah, she says she isn’t going to co-sleep. Yeah, she has that changing table. But I’m gonna tell you right now, she will leak milk in her bed. And one sleepy morning, she will change a diaper bleery-eyed and only realize till when it’s too late that it’s blow out. Trust me, a mattress protector might raise some eyebrows at the shower, but it’s worth it. She’ll thank you later.
  5. Nursing basket. Gather supplies from our favorite products list, add some diapers, wipes and lip balm, put it in a basket, and BOOM. Perfect baby gift and mama will think of you every time she sits down to nurse.Here are some unconventional but super helpful baby gifts from a mom who knows.
  6. Nursing activity basket for toddler. A basket of coloring books, special toys and snacks is a perfect way to keep an older child happy while mama feeds the new baby.
  7. Nursing friendly dress. Take the fuss out of feeding in the public for the new mama and get her a no-fuss nursing dress or top. She’ll thank you for days.
Here are some unconventional but super helpful baby gifts from a mom who knows.

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What did you think of this list? What baby gifts would you add? What unconventional and super helpful baby gifts have you been given or have you gifted? I’d love to hear in the comments. 

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Lacey Parr, CLEC

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  • Cassandra Allen says:

    Fabulous!!! I absolutely applaud ALL these ideas and wish someone one have gifted any of them to me! After having our baby I told my husband I was only going to gift our friends practical gifts everyone really needs but never get. Leave the cute clothes to the co-workers! Thanks for sharing Lacey!