Tuesday Tools – Choosing Favorites

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mom laying down with her child

There are all different reasons why a baby may end up choosing favorites when it comes to the side they like to nurse on best.  It could be that nursing in that position is uncomfortable, it could be because that side is producing too much/too little milk, it could be because you recently had mastitis.  Whatever the reason, today I want to share a Tuesday Tool to persuade your baby to breastfeed on that “least favorite” side.

You can always start by stimulating the least favorite side.  Sometimes a baby avoids one breast because it either produces too much or too little.  Massaging or expressing some on the side that produces less will help stimulate milk flow and let-down will happen quicker.  Massaging or expressing some on the side that produces too much for the baby to handle will allow you to catch that first tumble of milk in a towel before latching baby, making the flow of milk more manageable.

Another thing you can try is the “slide-over” position. 

mom breastfeeding her child
Start feeding baby on their favorite side – cradle hold

mom breastfeeding her daughter

After let-down occurs, slide bay to the “least favorite” side without changing their body alignment – this is football hold.  After they’ve fed on their least favorite side, finish the feed out with the preferred side.

mom laying down with her child

Also, a baby who prefers one side is more likely to take the “least favorite” breast when they are sleepy.  Patience and offering this less preferred breast frequently is the key.  If you have a persistent breast refusal and are concerned, contact your healthcare provider for questions.  Hope this tip is helpful!

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~ Lindsey Shipley, RN, IBCLC

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