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Favorite Breastfeeding Products

top 5 breastfeeding products from a lactation consultant

This month we have been talking about the many aspects of our support system as breastfeeding moms. Our partners, mothers, family and friends all play important roles. And at times just as important are the things that help us breastfeed! We want to share our favorite breastfeeding products that make this special time a bit easier.

Top 5 breastfeeding products and why from a lactation consultant. Learn which breastfeeding products are really necessary and make a…

Top 5 Breastfeeding Products

  1. Bamboobies. Simply the best breast pads. They are super soft and absorbent without being bulky in your bra. Their regular pads are perfect for everyday. The overnight pads are not only great for nighttime but the first several weeks when moms are likely to be pretty leaky. Save 20% when you use the code LLINK20.
  2. A simple and comfy robe–A robe is the perfect way to keep you warm while baby spends time skin to skin with you on your chest.
  3. Wellmom coconut oil nipple balm. Unlike other nipple creams, this one is non-greasy and vegan. Apply after each feeding to soothe, protect and heal your nipples. Use code LLINK for 15% off at Upspring Baby.
  4. Simple Wishes nursing bras. The super mom bra not only clips down for nursing, but it can also hold a pump in place hands-free. And bonus–you can save 20% when you use the code LLINK on their website.
  5. Petunia Picklebottom Parkway Tote. Any mom knows that a good bag can really make or break your day out with kids! We love Petunia Picklebottom’s Parkway Tote that can be used as a diaper bag or pump bag. And it’s cute enough to use later on as well!
bamboobies breast pads || top 5 breastfeeding products from a lactation consultant via

{Bamboobies breast pads|| use code LLINK for 20% off}

best nursing and pumping bra

{Simple Wishes Supermom bra use code LLINK for 20% off}

best diaper and bump bag || top 5 breastfeeding products from lactation consultant via

{Petunia Picklebottom Pump bag}

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