Top 3 Tips for Breastfeeding after a C-Section

@rebekahanneblog asked over on Instagram “What’s the best thing to do post c-section to help with successful breastfeeding?” This is such a common question so I decided to make it into a blogpost!

Here are my top 3 breastfeeding tips for my c-section mamas:

top 3 tips for successful breastfeeding after a c-section via

1) Room-in with baby. Moms that room-in, rather than use the nursery, are more likely to be exclusively breastfeeding at 4 days postpartum.

2) Lots of skin to skin. Skin to skin contact stimulates oxytocin release and more milk production! Mama’s chest is baby’s home.

A Lactation Consultant's top 3 tips for breastfeeding after a c-section. Good info to know!

3) Tweak positioning. Using positions like the football hold can keep the pressure off your healing incision.

top 3 tips for successful breastfeeding after a c-section via

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I love helping new mamas get breastfeeding off to a good start. For more breastfeeding tips like these, check out my breastfeeding video class bundle. If you need one-on-one support before or after baby is born, consider a breastfeeding consultation. And you can also read my C-section story.

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Lindsey Shipley, RN, IBCLC


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