Top 3 tips for distracted breastfeeding + Chewable Charm promo code

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“My baby is so distracted while breastfeeding – he is coming off the breast multiple times per session to look around the room.  Help!”  

baby chewing on his mom's necklaceThis is a statement I hear a lot on instagram and in my classes.  Distracted breastfeeding can be difficult for moms because it makes it tough to make it through a session!  This typically starts happening as baby gets older and more aware of his/her surroundings.  You can’t blame baby, he/she just wants to see what’s going on!  Here are a few tips to minimize the distraction and maximize the milk flow!

Distracted breastfeeding can be difficult for moms because it makes it tough to make it through a session. The first tip is...

  1. Try giving baby full eye contact — it’s easy to get distracted by your phone or the TV and sometimes baby is craving that one-on-one attention.
  2. Use a Chewable Charm teething necklace and/or a book to hold baby’s attention six inches away from the feeding session instead of six feet across the room! (Chewable Charm is offering 25% off your purchase today with code ‘LLINK’).
  3. Move to a quieter room so there’s less people walking in/out and less noise overall.

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I hope this helps!  A lot more great tips like this in my breastfeeding video classes.  They are great for anyone past 12 weeks in pregnancy and many moms take them after delivery too!

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