The Beauty of Motherhood

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lpm-3“What a gorgeous, awe-inspiring moment: a mother and her child.  A little being completely dependent on another for everything, including the nourishment to grow and thrive.  The newborn stage is one in that the baby without the mother just doesn’t make sense.  If separation is necessary, it’s more like pressing pause.  All is right in the world again when the two are reunited.  Mom and baby is a symbiotic relationship that inspires a sense of fulfillment for both parties.  For the baby, he looks to the mother for every need, literally still believing he is an extension of her, not a separate person.  For the mother, there is a sense of pride in being able to protect, provider, and care for her own.”

To see the rest of these gorgeous images and the full article, head on over to Little Peanut Magazine.

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