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Mama Knows Best – 3 tips to tap into your mother’s intuition

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My monthly guest blog post is live on Ergobaby today.  Talking about something that is apart of my daily teaching: Mama Knows Best.

Still, so many women ask me, “How can I feel more confident in my choices as a Mom? I am a firm believer that...

I’m giving three tips on how to feel more confident that your mother’s intuition is talking!  See the full post here.

lactation mentor with a new mom

{Nursing Pillow by Ergobaby}

Summer schedule of in-person classes are open for registration.  All classes sell out so make sure to grab your spot now.  Monthly classes in UT and a Las Vegas class on 5/21.  Want a class in your area?  Email us to request!  Video classes are available here and ready to click and watch at your convenience!

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Lindsey Shipley, RN, IBCLC

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Friday Favs – Loyal Hana

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Recently some of my clients introduced me to the brand Loyal Hana.  Today they are offering 25% off to my readers with the PROMO CODE ‘LLINK’.  It’s a collection of stylish, comfortable and functional clothes for the expectant or nursing mother.  Stylish clothes while breastfeeding?  Yep, it’s true.  Shelley, the owner and designer behind the Loyal Hana line has a vision that you don’t have to sacrifice style while pregnant or breastfeeding.  Kudos to her for providing breastfeeding mamas lots of options – from tees to sweaters to dresses and jumpsuits.  My favorite part?  All her items come equipped with built-in zippers on each side of the chest for easy access to breastfeeding.  You can go from play time to breastfeeding easily and comfortably, without completely disrobing!  Let me show you what I mean.

two moms and their children

Here are a few of my clients wearing Loyal Hana tops at a recent play date with their little ones.

mom reading a book to her child

Notice the discreet built-in zipper on the ‘Alex’ sweater in grey (Upper left shoulder).

baby breastfeeding with a breastfeeding sweater

Jenica is using the side-lying position to breastfeed her sweet baby girl, and the ‘Alex’ sweater maintains a lot of coverage throughout.  No untucking/re-tucking undershirts or stretching out your top by pulling it up or down for breastfeeding access.

baby reading a book with its mom

Jessica and Lily easily go from playtime to feeding session with the Audrey top.

baby breastfeeding with breastfeeding sweater

Jessica is using the cross-cradle position here (nursing pillow is Ergobaby).

lactation consultant with two moms


Hope you enjoyed this post and take a minute to checkout Loyal Hana’s line and don’t forget to use promo code ‘LLINK’ for 25% off your total purchase.  Learn about more breastfeeding positions in my video breastfeeding classes and in-person breastfeeding classes.  Come say hi on instagram today. Photography in this post by Janae Kristen photography.

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Lindsey Shipley, RN, IBCLC

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Baby breastfeeding with pillow

Ergobaby + Lactation Link

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I’m excited to be featured as a guest contributor over on Ergobaby’s blog today.  The post is titled, “Happy Mommy, Happy Baby. Top 2 ‘Must-dos’ with Ergobaby”.  Wanted to share a sneak peek with you.

Skin-to-skin & Positioning

In the post today, I’m discussing skin-to-skin contact and positioning.  These are such important parts of building a successful breastfeeding relationship.  The great thing about breastfeeding is it cuts down on the amount of “things” we require to feed or care for our baby.  So when I recommend something, it is typical something I’ve used myself as a Mom and something I know to be very useful for many other breastfeeding Moms.  I used the Ergobaby carrier with my kids and now I use the Ergobaby nursing pillow in my office appts.  My clients love it because it has a unique curve design that acts as a wedge and helps keep baby facing Mom in the tummy-to-tummy position.

Lactation consultant helping mom breastfeed baby

Baby breastfeeding with pillow

Mom with baby

Office essentials for my clients

Here is a little look at a few essentials I keep stocked in my cabinet for office consultations.  The Ergo Baby nursing pillow, Undercover Mama nursing tanks, and the ‘Supermom’ nursing bra from Simple Wishes to name a few!  I have discount codes on these items in my Favorites section.

Baby cabinet

I hope you guys enjoy the full post over on Ergobaby.  Let me know what you think today on instagram and enter to win a baby carrier and nursing pillow from Ergobaby!  My video breastfeeding classes are available at your convenience.  I have in-person classes coming up in UT on 10/24, 11/5, and 11/14.  I’ve also been invited to teach 2 classes in the Denver area next week — Breastfeeding Basics on 10/21 and Intermediate Breastfeeding on 10/22.  Space is limited, must be registered to secure your spot!  I’d love to meet you in class.

I’ve created this great e-mail course to help you get breastfeeding started on the right foot! Click the image below for more info.


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xo ~ Lindsey, RN, IBCLC

Lindsey Shipley - Lactation Consultant