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My Favs for Breastfeeding Part 4

many breastfeeding products



My Favs for Breastfeeding Giveaway Part 4 went live on instagram today. Make sure you head over there for details on how to enter to win!

Here is the review of these items:


1 – Lactation Link online breastfeeding class registration. Access my highly recommended courses from anywhere! Choose between Breastfeeding Basics, Intermediate Breastfeeding, or Returning to Work and Breastfeeding formats.


2 – Lillemer breast comfort packs. These comfort packs are infused with flaxseed and lavender and are shaped to conform to your breasts. These can be used early postpartum for engorgement relief before a feeding, as well as during a breast infection (Heaven forbid!). Just a few seconds in the microwave and they’re ready to go. They are also versatile and can be used as cold packs when placed in the freezer. To top it all off, Portland, the designer, chooses the most adorable prints. Use Code ‘LACLINK’ for 15% off your purchase


3 – So Young Inc Charlie diaper bag. This is a unisex diaper bag that is stylish and functional! It has a canvas exterior which wipes easily, vegan leather straps for durability, a few insulated pockets to store expressed milk, and a laminated change mat. It has detachable messenger straps which convert to a backpack (a mommy essential). Did I mention it holds a laptop? This bag does it all and Daddy won’t mind carrying it either. Use code ‘lactationlink10’ for 10% off all Charlie diaper bags (applies to in-stock colors).


4 – Mommihealth 3-1 protein shakes. These are the perfect grab and sit meal for a breastfeeding Mommy. I talk to my clients all the time about having nutrient-dense snacks on hand to stay fueled (a lot of the time new moms don’t have time to sit down to big meals). The formula includes 15 grams of whey protein, 200 mg of DHA, and essential prenatal vitamins. Use Code ‘LACTATIONLINK’ for 40% off thru 6/14!


5 – The Mason Bar Company $30 voucher. These tumblers come in 8, 12, 16, 24, and 32 oz size. They are glass so they won’t stain or tarnish. MBC also offers accessories including leather straps and glass straws. The lids come in regular, wide, and bamboo. Use code ‘LACTATIONLINK’ for 25% off your purchase!

I would love to help you get started breastfeeding and I’ve created this great e-mail course to help you get started on the right foot! Click the image below for more info.