Lactation Link April 14th Breastfeeding Basics Class “Presented by Bravado Designs + Dr. Nice Breast Gel” — AND PROMO CODES

We had a fabulous Breastfeeding Basics class “presented by Bravado Designs and Dr. Nice Breast Gel on April 14th at the Loft at Brick Canvas, located in the heart of Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah! I loved teaching and getting to know all of our Lactation Link mamas (and supporting partners)! Helping create confidence in motherhood is what Lactation Link is all about. We also had a lot of fun with grab bags from our sponsors like Bravado Designs, Milk Snob, Sweet ‘n Swag and our yummy lunch from Village Baker Lehi!  

Here is what one mom had to say about the class:

Click through for more photos, a sneak peak into the Breastfeeding Basics class, AMAZING promo codes from our event sponsors, and a chance to WIN our VIP Grab Bag!

Lactation Link Breastfeeding Basics Class Sponsors

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Their  Belle Underwire Nursing Bra is the dreamiest bra you could ever hope for. Their Clip and Pump Bra is also a necessity for any mom planning to pump! Every mama deserves to have these comfortable bras, especially when you will be wearing them constantly! Use the code ‘LACLINK’ for 15% off your purchase!

Dr. Nice Breast Gel is an amazing all natural product! There is no reason breastfeeding should be painful – and this gel helps ensure that! You can use for sore, chapped, cracked, or chafed nipples. You can use the gel before, during, and after breastfeeding! You can apply straight from the bottle and keep in the fridge so that it is even more soothing – plus the smell is amazing! Use the code “DRNICEGOLD” on Amazon to receive 20% off!

Janae Kristen photography captured all these exquisite images for us at this class.  She has also captured many of the beautiful images shown in our classes, website, and on social media.  She does a beautiful job for weddings, maternity, newborn and lifestyle photography in Utah and is available to travel! She has offered an INCREDIBLE discount of $100 off birth stories when you mention this blog post!  Contact her directly at to book!

Sweet n Swag also included a pair of adorable infant moccasins in every grab bag. You can use code ‘LLINK’ for 15% off total purchase on their site.

We were super excited to share Bamboobies with our moms. They are a great option for nursing pads – comfortable, reusable, and environmentally-friendly! (Plus they come in an adorable heart shape!) You can save 20% using the code “LLINK20” on their site.

Undercover Mama gave each mom a discount on one of their signature nursing tanks. It loops into any nursing bra! You can get 20% off by using the code “LLINK” on their site!

Fair Haven Health provided each mama with thawing breastmilk guidelines on a magnet, a milk bag, and 10% off, by using the code “MILKIES10” any purchase on their site! They have a variety of products that are helpful for all new mamas!

Tovala is an amazing way to have healthy home cooked meals with no work (30 seconds – 1 minute to prep) and little clean up! It provides a way for you to have dinner in 20 minutes (which as a new mama is very appealing!). Meals are only 400-800 calories, are steamed to keep nutrition, and they have numerous options! Use the code “LLINK” to receive $30 off your first order!

Our VIP ticket holders received a Milk Snob nursing cover. These covers are so useful to have, have four different uses (nursing cover, car seat cover, shopping cart cover, and scarf!) and also they look good! We even had moms using them during our class!  

All of our mamas also received some Milestones cards so families can capture their new baby’s breastfeeding milestones! (When you purchase our 3 video breastfeeding class bundle, you receive breastfeeding specific milestone cards to document your journey!)

Not only do our in-person Breastfeeding Basics class attendees get the best breastfeeding education and hands-on practice, Q&A time with our staff of breastfeeding experts, a delicious lunch from the Village Baker, a whole support network of new friends and lactation experts…they go home with grab bags worth over $230 when they purchased the general admission ticket, and over $480 when they purchase the VIP ticket!

If you’re as obsessed with this VIP Grab bag (includes access to the 3 video bundle and a Milksnob cover!) as we are, then great news! You can win a VIP Grab Bag by clicking here!

Class Instruction

All the goodies are the icing on the cake after my presentation of the best research-based breastfeeding tips and tricks. This includes info on the first feed, how to latch, how to hand-express and more! One tip I shared in class is taking advantage of the quiet-alert state to feed baby, rather than waiting until they are overly hungry and upset.

Taylor said,I loved all the information I received. I walked away feeling SUPER confident in myself to be able to breastfeed if I were to go into labor tomorrow… I loved that it was interactive and we got hands on practice and we were able to see real videos…Thank you for giving me the help I need to feel like I can succeed.”

This is ALWAYS my goal with teaching! Creating confident mamas is the number one purpose of this class!

We love hearing what our moms have to say about the Breastfeeding Basics class. Here is what a couple moms said…

Hands-on Learning

We were super excited to have so many moms and partners in class. In order for each person to get individual hands-on practice, we broke out into three groups led by our expert team of IBCLCs. You can book an online or in-person consult with any of these ladies to help you with your personal breastfeeding goals/needs! They are awesome and LOVE to help!

Click here to book an e-consultation. 

Click here to book an in-person consultation. 

You can use your healthcare savings account to pay for a consult too!

Brianne taught about hand expression. Remember to start hand expressing right away after giving birth to maximize your colostrum output!  

Stephanie taught all about latch —  We had a fun object lesson using balloons — don’t forget, baby’s’ chin is basically a magic open button!

And I went over positioning and helped mamas practice numerous different positions so that they can be prepared! Knowing multiple positions beforehand is so helpful so that you don’t have to stress about learning them once baby is here!

Mingling & Photo Booth

We don’t like to let pregnant mamas sit too long, so we had a break to stretch our legs and have a little fun! Our lunch break was phenomenal, because Village Baker Lehi provided every attendee with a delicious sandwich, chips, and cookie the size of my face!

We also had a fun photo booth for moms to take pictures at before, during, and after instructional time! We love being able to see all the glowing mamas (and partners!) shine in these pictures!


We make sure that our attendees are able to have time to ask their questions. Making sure our community of moms feels supported and heard is a big part of who we are. Moms were welcome to ask questions during the presentations and we had designated Q&A time at the end. If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out!

More classes and events

If you couldn’t make it to this class, we have you covered! You can check out our video breastfeeding classes and you can watch them anytime, anywhere, from any smart device (and they never expire!).

Our next class Breastfeeding Basics class will be on June 2nd from 10 am – 2 pm at Brick Canvas Loft in Lehi, UT. You can book tickets now via Eventbrite! From now until April 30th we have early bird pricing — after that ticket costs will go up! So hurry and snag yours while they are at an amazing deal!

Grab your seat now, we always sell out! Click here to see ticket options!

Can’t wait to help another group of parents create confidence in their breastfeeding journey!

Thanks for stopping by!


Lindsey Shipley + The Lactation Link Team