How to increase milk supply


I get asked many questions about increasing milk supply.  When I meet with moms who ask how to increase their supply, I first like to ask WHY they are worried about their supply. Many times it is because baby is signaling to increase feeds, which actually indicates a growth spurt rather than a problem with your supply. I like to help moms create confidence in themselves and their ability to feed their baby. So before you doubt yourself, remember that as you listen to baby’s cues and feed on-demand, it is likely that your supply is just fine.

A lactation consultant's top tips for increasing milk supply. Remember that...

Below are some of my top tips for increasing milk supply. Remember that any one of these might make a difference with you, but usually a combination will be the most effective. And I cannot stress enough that increasing breast stimulation is the most important for having an adequate milk supply.

Here are my tips for increasing milk supply:

Ensure an optimal latch. If the latch isn’t great, milk is not being removed efficiently and thus ineffectively signaling the body to make more. If you need some help troubleshooting your baby’s latch, contact me for an in-person consultation or an eConsult.

Increasing frequency of feeds. Frequency is more important than overall time spent expressing.

dsc_2217Double pumping after a feed. Do as many times as you can throughout the day, start small and work up.

Use a combination of the electric pump + hand expression. This combination has been proven to be the most effective. Using a hands-free nursing/pumping bra like Simple Wishes can be really helpful with this.

Consider trying “power pumping”. This is when you pump for ten minutes, rest for ten minutes, and so on, for a total of 60 minutes  making up the ‘power hour’. This can be done a few times a day).

Consider trying galactogogues. This is a remedy or supplement thought to increase milk supply like fenugreek, Brewers yeast, and others. Remember that there is no research evidence to suggest these work! Some mothers have found them helpful but INCREASING STIMULATION is proven to help increase supply over time. Read more about breastfeeding supplements here.

More tips like these in my video classes! If you have tried these tips and feel you need more support, please contact me for an in-person consultation or an eConsult. I can’t wait to meet with you and help you reach your goals!

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  • Jenny West says:

    I had low breast milk production and an organic lactation tea Healthy nursing tea was a great help that improved my milk supply. I have also used Mother’s milk tea but it didn’t increase my supply, I don’t know which lactation tea you used.