How to be successful with breastfeeding

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We can all agree there are plenty of breastfeeding tips out there!  Some are based off research, some come from personal experience; some will work for certain moms and not for others.  One of the reasons I started Lactation Link was because I saw too many women scared and panicked in the first moments after a baby is born.  I knew that those first hours and days of becoming a mother (for the first time or fifth) were not the ideal time for lots of teaching and introducing brand new information.  So I wanted to know, when is a good time to prepare for breastfeeding?  Here’s what I found:

“The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force found prenatal eduction to be the single most effective intervention to increase both breastfeeding initiation and duration” (  

Prenatal education is key to your success!  That’s why I wanted to make classes that are research-based and accessible to women everywhere through video.  Here are a few frequently asked questions about the classes.

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When is a good time to start taking your classes?

Anytime after 12 weeks is a great time to start preparing!  A recent client said, “I thought about the birth so much, I didn’t even think about breastfeeding until my baby was in my arms.  I didn’t know what to do!  Breastfeeding is the main focus after delivery – I wish I had taken a class!”

Are your courses only offered in person?

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My classes are available in-person and through our online video classes.  The video classes can be accessed anytime, anywhere on a computer, smart phone, or tablet!  You can learn in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule.  We also have in-person Breastfeeding Basics classes once a month in Highland, UT.  We offer on-location classes by request, email us to request one in your area!  Upcoming on-location class in Seattle, WA.  Here is the upcoming class schedule:

2/20 – Highland, UT @ 10AM

3/12 – Highland, UT @ 10AM

3/19 – Seattle, WA @ 10AM

4/9 – Highland, UT @ 10AM

Which class should I take?

I offer three video classes – Breastfeeding Basics, Intermediate Breastfeeding, and Pumping and Storing Breastmilk.  They can be purchased individually or in a bundle.  Your best preparation is to take all three classes.  Basics gives a great foundation to get started, intermediate goes further to educate on common issues that arise, and pumping and storing teaches you how to safely express, store, and deliver breastmilk to your infant.  As mothers we will all experience unexpected things at one time or another. It’s best to be prepared with all the education and options available so you can make the best decision for you!

How many times can I watch the classes?

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The classes never expire and can be watched again and again.  If you have an issue, you can quickly reference the classes and get an answer to your question.

Should I take notes?

Each class comes with a printable notes outline!  You can take great notes and review those as many times as necessary.  Some clients referred to their notes as their “breastfeeding bible” and kept them handy throughout their breastfeeding experience.

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I hope this helps!  My goal is to provide all the research and options so you can reach your goals, whatever they may be!  I also have personal consultations available through in-person or secure video chat appts.  I love getting your questions over on instagram and your class reviews via email.  A great place to get started is with my free “Top Ten Tips for Breastfeeding Success”.

I’ve created this great e-mail course to help you get breastfeeding started on the right foot! Click the image below for more info.


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