Featured on Romper!

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28One of our Lactation Consultants, Kristin Gourley, was the featured breastfeeding expert for a Q&A session on Romper. Here’s just a little preview of her answer about baby being irritable when breastfeeding rather than bottle feeding:

“He may be preferring a faster or constant flow like the bottle has,” Gourley says. “You could try to nurse at night instead of using a bottle so he knows that’s the way to get food at this point, or you could try paced bottle feeding, where you sit baby up and the bottle is more horizontal than vertical so the milk flow isn’t as fast, and also take frequent burping breaks.” She says that “the more you nurse, the more he’ll trust the flow of your breast milk since it’s not constant.”

The rest of the article is FULL of common breastfeeding questions and answers! Be sure to head on over to article to read the rest of the Q&A and Kristin’s advice!!

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