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It can be hard to find a spot in the community that feels like home!  A place we can go to be women, to be individuals, and to replenish and regenerate all that we give day-in and day-out as mothers.  Somewhere we can meet other women who are in the same stage of life and are also striving to be mindful about how they live and how they love.  As Moms or Mom-to-be, it’s so hard to make time for ourselves, but it’s so necessary for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  Taking time out to fill our own cup actually allows us to be more present and give more love to our families.  It doesn’t have to be a big deal or take all day.  Here are a few ideas: take a 20-min walk around your neighborhood, take a warm bath, take a yoga class, schedule a massage, or meet a girlfriend for lunch.  How about a pedicure for those months when you’re belly is growing and it’s tough to even see your own toes? These things can recharge us so we are ready for all the ups-and-downs that pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood brings.  About six months ago, I found a wellness center local to me that offers so many of these services.  Brick Canvas (in Lehi, UT) has a full-service salon and spa, a Bikram Yoga studio, a cafe, and an events center.  Today I’d love to share more with you about what I’ve discovered in this local wellness community, especially the salon and spa because that’s every Mom’s favorite anyway!  Read through to find some exclusive promotions for Lactation Link readers.


I’ve had several massages due to my involvement in college sports, my two pregnancies, and during my recovery from my cancer treatment.  Sage Leaf salon and spa did not disappoint!  The 90-min massage I received from massage therapist Janelle was the most relaxing and therapeutic one I’ve had.  I was honestly so surprised with how wonderful it was!  It begins with putting on a robe in their luxury locker room/changing area, then relaxing in the rejuvenation room (basically heaven – chocolate covered snacks, fruit-infused water, dimmed lights and a comfy couch!) until my massage therapist came to get me.  I chose a few extras – like my favorite essential oil scent and hot stones to be used during my massage.  I highly recommend Sage Leaf for a true “spa” experience.  Along with regular exercise, massage is an excellent therapy to have on an ongoing basis during pregnancy – to help aid those aches and pains.  Make sure to consult with your healthcare provider if you have any complications.  Keep in mind that Sage Leaf has massage therapists who are trained in maternity massage – making the experience both safe and relaxing for your growing bump.  Massage is also a fantastic way to help your body rejuvenate and heal after birth! Not to mention that hour away from baby to help you relax and re-charge.


In labor and delivery the nurses joke about how pretty all the laboring women’s toes seem to be!  Often times when women are waiting around for baby to come, they love to pass the time with a pedicure.  I know I did when I was pregnant.  You don’t have to think too hard to come up with a great “excuse” to get a pedicure!  I met a friend to get a pedicure a few weeks ago and it was definitely a unique experience at Sage Leaf.  There are only two pedicure chairs in a private space – so you can actually talk with a friend!  No one to talk over or anyone hurrying you along.  My favorite thing about the pedicure was the cooling balm they used instead of hot wax – it was tingly and felt great on my tired feet!  I also loved how we were served chilled grapes and chocolate during our pedicure – felt like royalty for an hour!  

The Loft, Fraiche Cafe, and Bikram Yoga studio

Bikram is actually how I found out about Brick Canvas!  I was invited by a friend to try it out and immediately knew it wasn’t like any exercise I had done before.  I won’t say I was an instant pro, but I started going once a week and have found it to be so cleansing for the body and mind. It’s a great thing to add to your exercise routine that helps to stretch and lengthen your muscles.  They have classes early morning and later evening – perfect for when baby’s sleeping.  See their full class schedule here.  Last time I went I was pretty hungry after class so I grabbed something to go at Fraiche Cafe.  I grabbed a smoothie and a hummus trio – perfect wholesome snack after a workout!  They make their hummus on the spot and the trio comes with lemon garlic, sundried tomato, and mint pea variations!  Yum.  Their menu is full of fresh menu items, refined-sugar free, gluten-free, and everything can be prepared dairy-free as well.  Lastly, when I saw Brick Canvas had an events center (The Loft), I knew it was perfect for our classes!  Spacious, great natural light, and doesn’t have a classroom feel!  Perfect for our attendees to feel comfortable and have a good time!  You can check out our last event we had in the Traverse Room here. I asked Brick Canvas if they could share a promotion with my readers and they did!  Mention these offers when booking (801.407.8620) – and hurry!  They’re only valid through November 4th, 2017.  

I hope you enjoyed this tour around Brick Canvas and all it has to offer!  

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Lindsey Shipley, RN, IBCLC