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Sweet Dreams with Owlet Smart Sock 2

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Our friends at Owlet have launched a new product — the Smart Sock 2!  One of the most frequently asked questions I get in my breastfeeding classes is, “How can I get more sleep?!”  Any Mom with a newborn is going to be short on restful sleep – this new tiny human depends on you for everything.  I remember the first few days with my newborn I was so exhausted but couldn’t really sleep even when they were asleep because I was worried about them.  “Is he breathing?”  “Oh no, it’s been too long let me check on him, etc, etc.”    It took so much work to get my baby here, I couldn’t let my guard down now!  In comes Owlet Care.


The Owlet Smart Sock 2 uses pulse oximetry technology to track your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep.  If their levels go higher or lower than the preset zones, you are designed to be notified via the owlet base and the app on your phone.  As a nurse, I know all about pulse oximetry as I’ve used it frequently to monitor my patients.  Owlet is using clinically proven technology to give parents peace of mind that baby is doing great when they are asleep.  

Here’s what’s new about Owlet’s updated product the Smart Sock 2.  

  1. Design – the smart sock 2 is better fitting, goes on either foot, is hypoallergenic, and designed to grow with baby. The updated fabric sock makes it easier and more intuitive to place the sensor in the right spot for the best readings.
  2. Better Range – the upgraded bluetooth capability has greater range at up to 100 feet between the smart sock and the base.
  3. Mobile App – see baby’s oxygen levels in real-time and with push notifications.  The smart sock is also compatible with ‘Connected Care’ (coming this summer!) to allow you to see sleeping trends and historical data of any notifications.  

Since parents choose lots of different sleeping arrangements for them and baby, it’s tough to find a product that is useful for all of them.  The owlet is great for parents who sleep with their infant in the same room or across the hall!  You can learn more about the Owlet Smart Sock 2 here and order one today.  For a limited time, you can get a free pair of infant crib moccasins with your purchase!



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Which nursing pad is best for me? via

Which nursing pad is right for me?

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Hi mamas! I’m Lacey Parr, a lactation educator and mom of 3. I’m here on the blog today to talk about how to find the perfect nursing pad for you!

One of the most useful tools for breastfeeding is a good nursing pad! Especially in the first few weeks or months, many moms will leak breastmilk. So it’s nice to have something there that will catch the leaks before they come through your clothes and some nursing pads even help prevents leaks! In this post, we have partnered our favorites to help you save when you need to stock up and we will go over the pros and cons of each so you can find one that works best for you. We love sharing products with you that we have used and loved ourselves!

Which nursing pad is right for me?Disposable nursing pads

which nursing pad is right for me? via

{Bamboobies disposable nursing pads: use code LLINK20 for 20% off}

In the first few days and weeks, most moms will leak quite a bit and will need to change pads out often to prevent things like thrush. This is when a disposable nursing pad comes in handy. You will be amazed at how much liquid these babies can hold! Remember to change your pads out each feeding or anytime you notice any wetness on your skin. Bamboobies have great disposable nursing pads because you can forget the guilt over more trash because these are made from eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo. The inner layers are also antibacterial and antimicrobial. Use code LLINK20 on their site for 20% off your entire order at Bamboobies. If you want to deal with less packaging and waste after the first few weeks, a reusable nursing pad might be right for you.

Reusable silicone pads

Which nursing pad is right for me? via

{Lilypadz nursing pads: use code LLINK for 15% off}

If you’ve ever been a nursing mom in a public place without a pad, you understand that direct pressure can sometimes prevent a let down. Lily padz are reusable silicone nursing pads that apply gentle pressure on your breast to prevent leaks from starting. They also cling to your skin, without being sticky, so there is no losing them in the folds of your clothes. Some moms find that their leaks accumulate in the pad and they have to carefully remove them to prevent a big spill. And after some time and regular use, the surface that adheres to the skin will wear and will become less tacky. Just be sure to properly use and care for them so they will last as long as possible. But they are super nice because they cling to your skin and you can wear them without a bra. (Yay for braless days!) One study even showed that mothers using Lilypadz had fewer cases of mastitis and thrush. Score! Use code LLINK to save 15% on your Lilypadz order.

Which nursing pad is right for me? via

{Lilypadz nursing pads: use code LLINK for 15% off}


Reusable cloth pads

Which nursing pad is right for me? via

{Bamboobies cloth pads: use code LLINK20 for 20% off}

The most common type of nursing pads that moms use are reusable cloth. Bamboobies cloth nursing pads are also made out of bamboo and are super light and soft while still being absorbent. Their overnight pads are helpful for overnight and the times of big leaks like the first few weeks. But their regular pads are perfect for day-to-day use. Just remember to change them out as soon as they feel wet on your skin. I keep an extra set in my nursing basket and diaper bag. You can use code LLINK20 for 20% off your Bamboobies order.

Which nursing pad is right for me? via

{Bamboobies cloth pads: use code LLINK20 for 20% off}

For more tips on breast and nipple care products, check out our favorite products post and our post on how to care for engorgement.

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Friday Favs – Plum Pretty Sugar Robes

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Plum Pretty Sugar Collage

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Today we’ve rounded up our favorite Nursing Friendly Robes and PJ’s from Plum Pretty Sugar

Robes and loose fitting button-up pajamas are great for nursing mamas. Not only do they allow for quick access to the breast, but they also make having skin-to-skin time easier. Soft, loose robes and pajamas are also great for tender nipples and engorged breasts.  Think of these beautiful and functional pieces when you’re packing your hospital bag!

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Favorite Breastfeeding Products

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top 5 breastfeeding products from a lactation consultant

This month we have been talking about the many aspects of our support system as breastfeeding moms. Our partners, mothers, family and friends all play important roles. And at times just as important are the things that help us breastfeed! We want to share our favorite breastfeeding products that make this special time a bit easier.

Top 5 breastfeeding products and why from a lactation consultant. Learn which breastfeeding products are really necessary and make a…

Top 5 Breastfeeding Products

  1. Bamboobies. Simply the best breast pads. They are super soft and absorbent without being bulky in your bra. Their regular pads are perfect for everyday. The overnight pads are not only great for nighttime but the first several weeks when moms are likely to be pretty leaky. Save 20% when you use the code LLINK20.
  2. A simple and comfy robe–A robe is the perfect way to keep you warm while baby spends time skin to skin with you on your chest.
  3. Wellmom coconut oil nipple balm. Unlike other nipple creams, this one is non-greasy and vegan. Apply after each feeding to soothe, protect and heal your nipples. Use code LLINK for 15% off at Upspring Baby.
  4. Simple Wishes nursing bras. The super mom bra not only clips down for nursing, but it can also hold a pump in place hands-free. And bonus–you can save 20% when you use the code LLINK on their website.
  5. Petunia Picklebottom Parkway Tote. Any mom knows that a good bag can really make or break your day out with kids! We love Petunia Picklebottom’s Parkway Tote that can be used as a diaper bag or pump bag. And it’s cute enough to use later on as well!
bamboobies breast pads || top 5 breastfeeding products from a lactation consultant via

{Bamboobies breast pads|| use code LLINK for 20% off}

best nursing and pumping bra

{Simple Wishes Supermom bra use code LLINK for 20% off}

best diaper and bump bag || top 5 breastfeeding products from lactation consultant via

{Petunia Picklebottom Pump bag}

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Holiday Gift Guide

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If you need some ideas for yourself or your family, these are some of our favorite items from some of our favorite brands this season. Happy shopping!

Holiday gift guide for the home family, including super cute ideas for moms, dads, babies, and toddlers.Moms

  1. Ivy City Co: Breastfeeding Friendly Easy Wrap Dress. Use code LLINK for 15% off! 
  2. Ergobaby Original in linen
  3. Pink Blush Maternity
  4. Hydroflask
  5. Blanqi Leggings
  6. Arvo watch
  7. Coco + Kiwi Diaper Bag
  8. Tote Savvy
  9. Everly B crew tee


  1. Vybe socks Use code LLVYBE15 for 15% off!
  2. Carhartt watchcap
  3. Classic Stanley bottle
  4. Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan
  5. Stance socks


  1. Bloomies handmade
  2. Little Sapling Toys
  3. Little Luxe shop (shirt 1, shirt 2Use code LLINK for 10% off!


  1. Tnees Tepees
  2. Purllamb dino hoodie Use code for LLINK FOR 25% off!
  3. Milo+Gabby penguin backpack Use code fun12days for 10% off!
  4. Stitched Custom Quilts Use code LACTATIONLINK for 20% off!

What’s on your wish list this year? Share in the comments.

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how to get a free breast pump through your insurance

How to get a free breast pump from your insurance

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Hi mamas! We are often asked for advice on the best breast pump and pump accessories so we are excited to share this post with you today! We want all moms to feel like they can meet their breastfeeding goals and many times pumping can help with that! There are lots of reasons women choose to express and save their breastmilk – some are returning to work, some are dealing with unexpected complications or prematurity, others are just preparing for some mother-baby separation time.  Whatever the reason, we are here to help!  Expressing breastmilk through a combination of hand expression and using a breast pump can help maintain a good milk supply even mom and baby are separated.

The easiest way to get a free breast pump! Most moms don't know that you can get a free breast pump from...

As a labor and delivery RN and lactation specialist I know Moms have a lot of questions when it comes to pumping — “When should I start?”  “What’s the best time to pump?”  “What if I get more milk out of one side than the other?”  “How long is the milk good for?”  And so many more!  I answer all of these questions in my Pumping and Storing Breastmilk video class.  It’s a blueprint for how to maximize your milk output with each session and also how to safety store, thaw, and deliver breastmilk to your infant.  After you’ve taken that class, it’s a great idea to get your breast pump ordered.  Many companies allow you to order your pump as soon as your second trimester.  Below is an easy guide to getting your free breast pump through insurance.

dsc_0764Through the Affordable Care Act, breastfeeding supplies are covered by most insurance plans.  So, in most cases, you can get a double electric breastpump from your insurance for free! Even though it’s covered, some women don’t know they have that benefit or how to order it. We’ve done the homework for you so check out the steps below on how to get your free pump from your insurance!


Follow these steps to get a breastpump from your insurance…

  1. Visit 1Natural Way.  They’ve made the process super simple and have a wide selection of really great pumping accessories.
  2. Fill out their qualification form. Have your insurance card ready so you can upload a picture of it after filling out the form.
  3. 1Natural Way will determine your eligibility–meaning, they will find out if your insurance works with them. They will also determine if your insurance requires a co-pay for your pump (most don’t).
  4. You will then receive an email where you can select your breast pump style options – including an option to add on the Petunia Pickle Bottom pump bag.
  5. 1Natural Way will obtain a prescription for the pump on your behalf. This is another great thing about 1Natural Way, they will obtain the prescription for you!
  6. The pump ships to your door!

Easy-peasy! Check with your insurance about when you can order your pump, but most moms order their breast pump at the beginning of their third trimester.

We are super excited to show you the Medela Pump ‘n Style with the Petunia Pickle Bottom pump bag because it is so cute and helpful for pumping moms! When you order your pump from 1Natural Way, you can also order this Petunia Pickle Bottom pump bag at the same time.

Or if you already have a pump, but are drooling over this bag like us, you can just order the pump bag.


Make sure you have my free ‘Top Ten Tips for Breastfeeding Success’ to help you reach your goals.

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Feature: Katie Richardson of Puj Baby + PROMO CODE

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www.linneapaulina.comPuj’s Splash Infant Gift Set & Promo Code
When looking for quality baby products, we love recommending ones we have used ourselves and that are run by passionate people. That is why we are so excited to talk about Puj today! Their infant tubs fit right into your sink and are such a fantastic alternative to the giant tubs that sit on your counter. We also love their Splash Infant Gift Set. It has their Flyte compact tub, Hug 2-in-1 apron, 3 washcloths, and 3 hanging nubs. They were so thoughtful with each part of this set, the box is designed to fit on a mom’s lap so she can open it without assistance during a baby shower.  We love their passion for helping simplify parenthood. Use the code LLINK for $15 off the Splash Infant Gift Set.

We had a fabulous time interviewing Katie Richardson, founder of Puj. She is an awesome mother and business woman. We are excited to share some of her wisdom with you…

There’s so much advice out there on being a Mom! What’s one piece of advice you’d give a new mama? Let go of any expectations that have been place on you by either friends, family, or even yourself. YOU are the mother of your children by design and you intuitively know what is best for them. Learn to trust those instincts.

With all the “must-haves” and baby registry lists, how do you think Moms can feel prepared without being overwhelmed? Focus on the essentials and the rest will take care of itself. If you have a great diaper bag, car seat, stroller, and crib the rest will start to fall into place. And don’t feel like you need to have everything purchased before the baby gets here. Once the baby is born you may decide you don’t need some of the “must have” items. And it’s always great to try one out from a friend first if that’s possible so you can see if you even like it.


How do you think Moms can blend safety and convenience? Anything that is not safe for your baby is certainly not convenient in the long run. I try to find brands that have a face and a name behind it. If thee is someone I can trust leading the company then I know they won’t produce products that are potentially harmful to my child. These days trust in a brand is everything. You want to know what the quality is going to be, especially when you’re buying things over the internet.

What has been the most rewarding part of founding your company Puj Baby? The most rewarding part of founding my company Puj Baby is connecting with parents all over the world. I want the best for my own babies, and know that every one of my customers wants the best for their child. Because I am living the life as a parent just as my customers are, we are able to connect on a new level. Reading stories from first time parents about being able to relax and have a calm bonding bath time experience is so rewarding. Knowing people have a piece of my heart in their homes through my products brings me so much joy!

Thank you Katie for sharing with us today! Be sure to check out Puj’s Splash Infant gift set and use the code LLINK for $15 off!

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5 tips for safe infant sleep with Owlet Baby Monitors

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Parents of a new baby have so much on their plate.  Learning to take care of a little one totally dependent on you is life-changing!  After meeting with hundreds of Moms in consultations and our classes, we’ve found there always seems to be an adjustment period with a newborn, whether it’s your first or fifth baby.  From feeding to diapering to sleep arrangements, there’s a lot to consider.  

One of the top concerns from new parents is getting more sleep! This can be difficult with frequent feedings during the night with a newborn. This is where owlet...

One of the top concerns from new parents is getting more sleep!  This can be difficult with frequent feedings during the night with a newborn.  It’s important that when baby is asleep, parents can feel good that baby is safe and they can get some rest too.  That’s where Owlet baby monitor comes in!  

owlet sockOwlet is a heart and oxygen monitor that gently attaches to baby’s foot with a soft sock.  The monitor comes with several sock sizes so it can grow with baby!

owlet base

owlet-smart-phoneOwlet has a base station and also smart phone applications that is designed to alert you if there are any issues with baby’s oxygen levels.  

owlet baby monitorThe sock is comfortable for baby and easy for anyone to put on!

 In addition to using Owlet baby monitor, here are five tips to incorporate for safe infant sleep practices.  

  1. Safe sleep surface. Baby should be placed on firm surface.  Avoid placing baby nearby any potential crevices.   
  2. Breastfeed. Breastfeeding is associated with a lower risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).  While this terrible event can happen to anyone, breastfeeding lowers the risk for your baby.  
  3. Back to sleep. Baby is safest sleeping on their back.
  4. Unswaddled and lightly dressed.  Keeping baby unswaddled and removing extra blankets, pillows and toys is important.  Dress baby for warmth.  
  5. Avoid smoke exposure. Avoiding smoke exposure while pregnant and keeping baby away from smoke has been shown to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Read the entire guidelines with the American Academy of Pediatrics.


With some great guidelines and with the help of an Owlet baby monitor, parents can go to sleep with peace of mind!  Let me know in the comments which tips helped you and if you have any more questions.  Much more on safe infant sleep in our video breastfeeding classes – available to click and watch at your convenience.  {Robe in this post is by Plum Pretty Sugar}

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All photos by Janae Kristen.



Nursing friendly dresses

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ivy-igwild flower maxi blushing bloom dress

Dresses can be a tough find for breastfeeding moms!  It can be hard to find dresses that are stylish and also provide easy access to feed your little one.  Many Moms end up avoiding dresses altogether while they are breastfeeding.   If you’re like me, your “momiform” might consist of yoga pants and a t-shirt (nothing wrong with that, right?)! But it’s great having a few go-to nursing friendly dresses because you know you can be “ready” in about 5 minutes!  If there’s anything mamas with little ones can appreciate its saving time.  We all need just a few outfits to look and feel great in for a date or girls night out.

A lactation consultant's top picks for stylish and affordable go to nursing friendly dressesSo glad I found these beautiful nursing-friendly dresses from my friends at Ivy City Co.  I just love the prints they have in-stock right now!  These pieces are perfect to transition into fall weather and pair with denim jackets, vests, scarves, and boots. With these stylish yet functional pieces you can bring little babe along on your night out or take time to pump without taking off your whole outfit! Because nights out can still happen, they just might look a little different now. 🙂

Use code ‘LLINK’ for 15% off your total purchase at Ivy City Co and be sure to check out all my nursing-friendly dress picks!  The code is good through Friday night.   Happy shopping mamas!

a-line dress in olive  falling for you dress

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