Brickyard Buffalo Guest Editor

By July 24, 2017 January 8th, 2018 Uncategorized


I am so excited to be the Guest Editor over at Brickyard Buffalo today!

Brickyard Buffalo is a website designed to help you shop your favorite brands on a budget. They curate the trendiest items out there for a price you can afford. They work with ‘Guest Editors’ to help find great products and this month I’m lucky enough to have picked out some of my favorite shops and products to be featured for you to shop at a discounted price!

Here are a few of my picks!

I designed this shirt with Cents of Style to inspire others to ‘Keep Moving Forward’ through good times and bad.

I love baby wraps because they facilitate skin-to-skin! Which in turn can help foster a great breastfeeding relationship. I’m so happy Happy Baby Carriers will be selling thier wraps at such a great price this week!

Lillemer Breast Comfort Packs are one of my top recommendations to my breastfeeding mamas. They can be warmed or cooled to help comfort a range of breast discomfort.

Covered Goods Multi Use nursing cover is a MUST for breastfeeding mamas. Not only is it a functional 360-degree nursing cover, but it also can be used as a car seat cover, high chair cover and scarf!

Puj baby tubs are a must have for newborns.  They are soft, comfortable, portable and, in my opinion, beautiful!

I had to pick this print as one of my Guest Editors choices! I decided to go for it with this business and it has been so incredibly rewarding!

Head over to Brickyard Buffalo to check out the rest of my picks!