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Breastfeeding News

By July 31, 2017February 9th, 2022Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding in the news via Breastfeeding news with a lactation educator. Why breastfeeding news matters.

Hi mamas, I’m Lacey Parr, lactation educator and blog manager here at Lactation Link. Today we are talking about some recent breastfeeding news. 

We are starting today what we hope will be an on-going tradition here on the Lactation Link blog, a round-up of recent news about breastfeeding. I hope the thoughts from our lactation educators and consultants about these news items will give the headlines some context for you. Please share and comment, we would love to answer your questions and hear your opinions. Read on for recent breastfeeding news and why it matters!

World Breastfeeding Week

To start off, World Breastfeeding Week is coming up this week (August 1-August 7)! You can stay abreast (pun intended 😉 on all the global happenings on their website and Facebook page. You might find a Big Latch On event happening in your local area, they are happening all over the globe. We have some exciting things happening here on the blog and over on Instagram as well for WBW, so stay tuned!

Women of Color Breastfeeding: Photo Series

This photo series, created by Krista Welch and Isolde Raftery of KUOW, is a beautiful representation of women of color breastfeeding their babies. This is an issue that Lactation Link is keenly aware of as women of color have many barriers to breastfeeding. Some of these barriers are: lack of prenatal education, and healthcare, low income jobs that do not allow for pump breaks or paid postpartum leave and many more. Another gap that women of color face is the simple lack of representation. Many women of color do not have family that have breastfed and the media does not often show WOC breastfeeding. This series of photos and interviews is a wonderful way to bridge that gap and allow WOC to see themselves in the women depicted. From Nadia Rodrieguez, a mother depicted in the story, “I want more women of color to know the benefits of breastfeeding for baby and themselves.” We do too Nadia! Kudus to Krista and Isolde for creating such a beautiful project.

Australian Senator Breastfeeds in Parliament

Recently, Australian Senator Larissa Waters took the internet by storm when she became the first woman to breastfeed in the Australian Parliament. Parliament passed new rules in 2016 allowing for breastfeeding in the Parliamentary chambers. This is significant because it gives an example to the rest of the nation–and the world–on how to support new mothers and babies. In a time when mothers are often forced to wean earlier than planned due to unsupportive work environments, allowing breastfeeding in the Parliamentary chambers shows that motherhood and breastfeeding can occur simultaneously with the mother’s career. Supportive work environments have many possibilities for implementation. They can look like allowing mothers to bring breastfeeding babies to work, allowing for frequent pump breaks, flexible scheduling, work from home options and breastfeeding education and consultations as a part of their benefits package. We appreciate Senator Waters for her courage in standing up for breastfeeding!

Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project

Leilani Rogers of the famed Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project has chosen new winners. We love seeing breastfeeding as a normal part of the day for moms and their children. We have shared some past images from this project in our How to Nurse in Public post. We look forward to showing off more of these images soon!

Breastfeeding Moms Cardboard Cut-Outs

Here’s another way to encourage breastfeeding wherever you go! With the help of the local health department, Timmins, Ontario, Canada will have life-size cutouts of breastfeeding mothers placed around public places. This is intended to normalize breastfeeding in public and encourage mothers to feel comfortable doing so. We wish them well in their project!

What breastfeeding news items have caught your eye recently? Share in the comments.

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