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Breastfeeding Around the World: Part 2

By August 7, 2017February 9th, 2022Breastfeeding, Breastfeeding support

As part of our World Breastfeeding Week celebrations last week, we heard from moms in South Africa, India, Belguim and more. This week, we are interviewing moms from Australia, Venezuela, Brazil and more about their breastfeeding stories. We hope that their experiences help put your breastfeeding journey into perspective and help you feel connected to mothers around the world. Enjoy!

Interviews have been edited for length and clarity.

What made you decide to breastfeed?

“I love how it provides the best nutrition for my baby, as well as being such a great way to comfort and connect with her.” -Selina, Australia

“In the beginning, I did it for Necesity. My country is passing thru a terrible economical crisis and we have no easy access to formula, in fact with my first child I did not breastfeed. knowing the case I start to investigate everything about breastfeeding, and convinced my self that was not the only option, was the best option.” -Dianela, Venezuala

“I don’t look at it as choosing to breastfeed. Bar no complications, illness etc for me breastfeeding is the way we are meant to nourish our children.” -Tash, South Africa

Breastfeeding around the world with Lactation LinkHow does your culture or family life influence the way you mother?

“It makes a huge impact as in India a new mom will have a lot of people to help with baby, generally new moms stay stay with her family for a few months with the baby . Get post natal massages for at least 1 month and rest a lot, letting the body heal.” -Asmita, India

“I came from a family where they were convinced that breastmilk was not enough for the baby, so I had to fight constantly with the idea that he didn’t need complementing with formula.” -Maria, USA

“It was harder in Turkey. But here in Brasil I’m so free… everybody respects each other.” -Eda, Brazil

“Family in Italy is very important, we can say it is an institution. I have the example of my mom, she had three children and was a working-mom, it wasn’t easy because the country is lacking political policies to support family but there is a strong social network made by grandparents and other relatives. -Silvia, Italy

What would you say to a new mom who is having a hard time breastfeeding?

“Be patient, take your time… sometimes hurts (because everyone says it doesn’t ) but you and your baby are going to find the way to do it right… and of course follow Lactation Link!!” -Dianela, Venezuela

“To trust herself and her baby and to contact an experienced lactation consultant.” -Allison, Belguim

“First of all you are not alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Breastfeeding requires all your strength and your motivation. You need to rest and sleep as much as you can in the first period, so let people around you be helpful (cooking, cleaning up, etc..) because you and your baby have the priority. Don’t give up, it’s just the beginning of a beautiful journey, but even if you couldn’t breastfeed you shouldn’t feel guilty, a mom knows what is better for her and his baby.” -Silvia, Italy

“That it’s gonna pass.. just know that your baby needs you… try more and don’t be ashamed to ask for help.” -Eda, Brazil

Thanks for reading our Breastfeeding Around the World Series. You can access Part 1 here. What did you think of this series? Should we do it again? Can’t wait to hear from you.

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