Best Nursing Bras and Nursing Tanks: 3 Nursing Must-Haves

Every day on Instagram, I get questions like:

“What’s the best nursing bra?”

“Where can I find nursing tanks?”  

“I’m looking for a cute nursing bra!”

“I need a supportive nursing bra”

“Should I start with a nursing sleep bra?”

“What about an underwire nursing bra?”

“What size nursing bra do I need?”

“Are there plus-size nursing bras?”

And of course I get, “Where do I buy nursing bras?”

Today I want to answer your questions and help you get started with 3 basic nursing pieces (Lactation Link tested and approved!) from Bravado Designs that every nursing mama could use – and use lots!!  Read through to get an exclusive promo code from Bravado Designs.  

Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra


This bra answers the question “Should I start with a nursing sleep bra?” with an enthusiastic “yes!”.  At the beginning of your third trimester of pregnancy, your breasts begin to recruit all the necessary “equipment” needed to breastfeed.  Your body sends in more soldiers (breast tissue) to help you gear up to get ready to feed that growing baby inside you.  This can cause your breasts to increase in size, or just feel a bit sore and tender at times.  During those first few days postpartum, your breasts may continue to feel sore and around day two or three postpartum you may start to feel “engorged”.  Women describe this as their breasts feeling very hard and sensitive to the touch.  This is a perfect time to use a sleep nursing bra – since it’s very lightweight, doesn’t have an underwire, and has room to give during engorgement.  

→Cool feature? The clips on this nursing bra are so easy to snap down you can do it with one hand while you support your baby with the other.  

◊Other nursing sleep bra options from Bravado: Body Silk Seamless yoga bra, Ballet Nursing bra, Original Nursing bra, Original Full Cup Nursing bra ;

Body Silk Seamless Nursing Cami


Every mama that tries this nursing tank never wants to take it off!  At 95% nylon and 5% spandex, the material is very soft and stretchy (wonder why they made it stretchy?!).  It covers your whole torso which helps to smooth out your pregnant or postpartum body – making you feel confident and beautiful.  When you’re pregnant or nursing it can be easy to feel like your figure feels lost.  The best part of this piece: It provides shape to your rapidly changing body! There’s essentially a nursing bra built right into the nursing tank that provides support as well as removable foam cups.  It also converts to a racerback.  This piece is long and slimming – definitely a must-have!  

→Cool feature?  You can easily remove the built-in nursing bra after you’re done nursing to keep wearing it as a regular tank.  

◊Other nursing tank options from Bravado: Dream Nursing Tank

Belle Underwire Nursing Bra

There comes a point in your breastfeeding journey that you’re ready for even more shape, more support, and dare I say a pretty nursing bra?  Maybe your first night out with the girls is coming up, your partner asked you out on your first date after baby, or you’d like to feel a little more “normal” as you head back to work?  The Belle is the best of both worlds.  Nursing functionality paired with confidence and support.  There’s a myth out there that breastfeeding moms shouldn’t wear a bra with an underwire.  That’s not true!  What’s most important is the RIGHT FIT.  Any nursing bra (underwire or not) that is a poor fit can contribute to things like plugged ducts and even breast infection.  Take a look at this video to see how to get the perfect nursing bra fit in under 60 seconds!  

→Cool feature?  Comes in three colors (including this limited edition amethyst) and available in sizing up to 42F.  

◊Other nursing bra options from Bravado: Confetti nursing bra, Sweet Pea Nursing bra, Essential Embrace nursing bra, Buttercup nursing bra

Keep in mind that your needs may change over the course of your breastfeeding or pumping journey!  Make sure to periodically check your fit, comfort, and how good you feel in your nursing bras.  You may need to switch things up as your shape changes, you get ready to return to work, or just need something fresh!  Thanks for reading and as a thank you for coming by today you can use code ‘LACLINK’ for 15% off your total purchase at Bravado Designs.  More nursing bra questions?  I’d love to hear them in the comments!  Haven’t taken a breastfeeding or pumping class yet?  Check out my Confident Breastfeeding Course here.

Stay confident mamas,

Lindsey Shipley, RN, IBCLC

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  • Kristin Smith says:

    Super wonderful advice! I love my Bravado nursing bra, and I’m excited to order a few more! I just tried the discount code though and it doesn’t work. 🙁