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4 tips to getting more rest with a newborn

4 tips to getting more rest with a newborn
Rest is such an important component to wellness as a mom with a newborn! I’m joking, right? How am I going to get rest with a brand new baby? But! Not making rest a priority can lead to a decreased milk supply and is also a risk factor for MASTITIS.

4 tips to getting more rest with a newborn! Rest is an important component to wellness, if you don't make rest a priority it can lead to...

Here are my top tips for getting rest with a newborn:


  1. Plan to “make no plans” for the first several weeks postpartum. Eliminate as many extra activities as possible and focus on breastfeeding and resting.
  2. Practice the side lying breastfeeding position until it is second nature. Being able to lie down while nursing is a lifesaver.
  3. Setup play groups and carpools for your other kids.
  4. Consider extra help for the first few weeks – housekeeping, laundry service, meals (may cost some money but a small investment to decrease stress, maintain milk supply, and avoid formula costs).


These tips and MORE like how to make a postpartum breastfeeding plan in my video breastfeeding classes. Any rest tips of your own? Share in comments!

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