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Breastfeeding video classes, Studio 5 and a PROMO CODE

By March 5, 2016October 22nd, 2021Breastfeeding, Classes, Media

Curious about my video breastfeeding classes? Here I’m answered some Frequently Asked Questions from Moms!  Read through to see how you can get a rare discount on the video classes this weekend only!

When should I take the video breastfeeding classes?

Anytime after 12 weeks is a great time to start taking the video breastfeeding classes!  Sometimes women feel like they need to wait until a day or two before they deliver so they don’t forget the info.  I’ve found that so many things come up late in pregnancy!  You get too tired, too busy, or end up delivering early.

How many times can I watch the video breastfeeding classes?

Once you have the video classes, you can watch them over and over, they NEVER EXPIRE.

How are they different than hospital classes?

So many Moms that have taken hospital classes tell me that my breastfeeding video classes are much more comprehensive!  We also offer real-life picture and video demonstration, so you can visualize the process.

How do I sign up for the video breastfeeding classes?

No need to sign up or wait for a specific date!  Just click and watch in the comfort of your own home!

Mom looking at computer screen

Which class is right for me?

Read the class descriptions here.  The best value and preparation is the 3 video bundle.

Can I still take the classes if I’ve already had my baby?

Although the best preparation is to take the classes prenatally, many moms (read the testimonial below) have found the classes beneficial after delivery!

Recent testimonial

“Hi there! I bought your bundle video classes and I wanted to let you know you literally changed my world. I’m a first time mom and my sweet boy is only a week and a half old, but we were on and off a rocky road with feeding. I had three lactation nurses visit while in the hospital, and I learned more in 25 minutes of one video than the course of three nurses over three days. I was having latch issues with my left breast to the point my nipple was getting destroyed and it was so painful. Tears and frustration every time. After watching your first video and half of the second, it was time for a feeding and I was literally bawling with how easy and painless it felt. I reconnected with my son and I could feel he was more relaxed as well. My nipple is already healing tremendously and I’m so much more confident in our feeding sessions. I cannot thank you enough for establishing this online communication and your courses.” ~ Jane

Studio 5 video clip and a PROMO CODE!

Lactation Link was featured yesterday on a local talk show, “Studio 5”.  One of their contributors, Natalie Hill Jensen, is pregnant and reviewed the video classes.  Click here to watch the clip and get the discount for my video breastfeeding classes {promo code: ‘natalienow’}.  Hurry! The discount expires Sunday night (3/7).  You can read more about the class review here.

I’ve also created a free e-mail course to help you get breastfeeding started on the right foot! Click the image below for more info.

6-day3 pictures: mom cuddling baby, mom breastfeeding baby with lactation consultant, and mom holding baby with pacifier