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You’re a smart mama, but breastfeeding can be tricky! And the last thing I want you to do as you welcome your newborn is worry about the little things, like whether or not you’re making enough milk, the best ways to establish no-fuss feeding, and what to do when common problems arise (as they invariably will).

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What are Breastfeeding Classes?

Breastfeeding classes are a type of training offered to breastfeeding moms and families (both before and after birth) to help with their breastfeeding journey. Since so much is happening with recovery of both the mother and the newborn post-delivery, this can be a difficult time to try and begin learning this new skill of breastfeeding.  Taking a breastfeeding class before baby arrives is the number one way to increase your chances of success that your baby receives all of the benefits of breastfeeding. Lactation Link classes are offered in both online courses and in person classes, and you can even book a 1:1 consultation (in-person and virtual options) with an IBCLC (lactation expert) for more breastfeeding support.

How do You Know if a Breastfeeding Class is Right for You?

Whether you’ll be a first-time parent or you’re a seasoned pro, every baby and breastfeeding journey is unique!  Breastfeeding families can face unforeseen breastfeeding challenges, such as pain, difficulty latching, mom and baby separation, low milk supply, pain and discomfort, or breast pump issues. And, trust us, you don’t need anymore pressure on yourself postpartum. Why not be as prepared as you possibly can be by learning from a certified professional beforehand, and at your own pace? Our breastfeeding courses are perfect for you if:

  • You are an expectant parent, new parent, or want to support your parent who is breastfeeding.
  • Want to learn the breastfeeding basics along with research-based tips on common and not-so-common issues.
  • Want to prepare for breastfeeding challenges and hurdles (so there’s more joy and less worry along the way).
  • Are interested in learning about pumping and storing breastmilk safely and efficiently.
  • You’d like a trusted, qualified guide so you can drown out all the parenting noise and advice!

But, you don’t have to stop at our online courses. Set up a virtual or zoom meeting with one of our certified IBCLC consultants after you take the online breastfeeding courses to solidify your personal questions and get a customized care plan.

Why Lactation Link Breastfeeding Classes?

This isn’t your grandma’s breastfeeding class! Our online breastfeeding courses are IBCLC-led (the gold standard in breastfeeding certification) as well as peer-reviewed by OBGYNs and midwives. They are also available on your schedule and on any smart device. Our breastfeeding courses are structured into modules and titled according to real parents’ questions!  For example, “Do Newborns Know How to Breastfeed” shows real-life footage of the moments immediately following birth so you get an inside look of the steps baby goes through in real-time to find and latch onto the breast.  In “What if baby doesn’t latch right away?”, we give you research-based plan B options to protect your breastfeeding goals, stimulate your milk production, and get baby needed calories all while practicing latch.  Have a question about a lesson?  You can drop it right below the lesson OR tune in to our weekly office hours for students only to get expert-led answers to your breastfeeding questions! With over 75 short video tutorials packed with video examples of over 30 real-life moms/partners, in just 4 short hours you’ll find yourself saying, “I’m so glad I took this breastfeeding class!”

Our mission is to help you gain confidence in your breastfeeding journey, with more joy and less worry along the way.  You’ll stay in the driver’s seat, making your own choices from our research-based options.  We’re just the trusted guide in the backseat.

We’ve welcomed, supported, and graduated over 15,000 students from our online breastfeeding courses, and we can’t wait to help you, too!

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